Friday Night Musical Outro: Dead Like J

Lots of neat-o stuff going on this weekend and this one might have slipped under your radar. You should go if you want.

Local DJ/producer Dead J is doing a new night this Friday night at Dada called DARK, which is, as the name implies, mandated towards darker elements of the electronic music spectrum. Expect harsher techno, industrial, atmospheric stuff, breakcore, suicide music, arty bullshit, noisy and dour blips, bleeps, and bloops. In a dance club setting.

Not selling it real well. Hmm. If your tastes stray towards more noisier, experimental electronic music, but you tend to avoid nightclub-type shit, this one may be your jam. You might want to check it out. Music will be darker tones that don’t normally get played out in dance clubs. Because it’s hard to dance to. And people tend not to like it. And it bums everyone out.

Anyways, looking forward to that here’s the Creator’s Project feature on Dead J, which is insight into the man himself and his music and all that. His well goes pretty deep — here’s his Discogs. Most recently, Dead J was just sharing a stage with Monolake AKA “This Dude Invented Ableton” at that Audi Urban-waves-sounds-scapes-metro-whatever thing. He was real good.

Catch him live in the flesh at Dada tonight… No cover.

Morgan is the editor of Smart Beijing and fake DJs around town. Suggestions for Friday Music Send Outs and feedback to

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