Friday Night Musical Outro: Night Moves, Nite Jewel

Welp. It’s Friday night and… not too much on for live music this weekend. Bits and shits here and there, but looks like a pretty quiet one for the most part.

Incidentally, if you’re not already hip to it, the Live Beijing Music blog does these comprehensive weekend preview articles that are really useful if you’re looking for more of a complete picture of what’s out there and not just some random guy throwing random videos at you Friday night…  Here’s the link for this week’s.

Anyways, here’s a nice little video from XLR8R ahead of the Nite Jewel show at XP this Saturday night. This is her doing a song with G-Funk-and-then-some OG, Dam-Funk. Get to the 10:30 mark — really heats up. Pretty neat. Dam-Funk. That dude is right on. He came and played in Shanghai like four years ago or something right before he blew up and got super famous. You could do worse than following the YouTube rabbit hole down into his own videos.

But yeah, on Saturday night promoters Split Works is hosting Nite Jewel, which should promise to be a sparkling and shimmering evening of warm retro synth tones. Super hip, RnB slash new wave beatific vibes kind of thing. If you’re looking for a more straight-up intro into her music, check this video. This is the hit. Kind of Eurythmics-y. Sound like your bag? Saturday at XP. 70 rmb at the door. Can’t seem to track down the opening band info, so I guess we’ll all just have to be surprised… have a good weekend!

Morgan is the editor of Smart Beijing and fake DJs around town. Suggestions for Friday Music Send Outs and feedback to

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