Friday Night Musical Outro: In League With Satan

It’s Friday, friends, and there’s tons and tons of shit on this weekend. Tons and tons. Too much. Too, too much. And on top of all these good lookin’ shows, it’s Halloween as well. Damn. And it looks like it’s going to be Halloween for the next three weeks or so as well. Seems like no one can figure out what day to celebrate it on. (Pssst! It’s October 31, fuckers! That’s when Halloween is! Not the Saturday before! It doesn’t matter that you have to work the next day! It’s on the 31st!)

Anyways, here’s a few shows on this weekend you might want to think about hitting up.  All of these are getting the “Friday Musical Outro Seal of Approval,” a hallowed honor indeed.

Friday and Satuday @ The Post Mountain Space: Beijing Electronic Music Encounter 2013

This one is a and Metrowaves joint — two days, two stages and all kinds of electronic music with Beijing-based perfomers and a few visiting guests. This looks like probably the best program and line-up for this sort of thing in like… forever. Real solid. Runs 7 pm to 4 am both Friday and Saturday – you should really fit this in. All the info you need — artist info, logistics, links — is right here.

Friday @ Temple: WHAI One-Year Anniversary

Local hard rock electronica act WHAI celebrates their one-year anniversary. Pretty good band this one. They’re pros. And whenever they play Temple they draw a good and game crowd. Actually, if Temple is your thing, the next night, Saturday, looks right-on as well: Illness Sickness are on stage supporting their EP release. Also a real solid band that one. You should give them money and other nice things in exchange for their record.

Saturday @ Blue Stream: Jingweir Vol. 2

Jingweir kids are celebrating the launch of Volume 2 of their zine. They’ve got some stands set up and some locals are gonna play a show. It’s just going to be a righteous time. Here’s the Facebook link for band links and all that shite. Sounds like a good one.


Last but not least, let’s all take some time out of our day to discuss something that me, myself is involved in. Next Thurday. Halloween night. YOUR Friday Musical Outro Correspondent is playing at Temple in a MISFITS TRIBUTE BAND. For real. Be there, friend. Don’t fuck this up. Misfits on Halloween. Gonna be WIIIICKED.


Video this week is Venom, “In League with Satan” because Halloween is Satan’s birthday and he fuckin’ LOVES Venom. It’s like his favorite band, you know.

Morgan is the editor of Smart Beijing and fake DJs around town. Suggestions for Friday Music Send Outs and feedback to

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