Foxconn Workers May Soon Vote For Their Own Leaders

(Qilai Shen/Bloomberg)
Foxconn workers who make the iPhone and other hi-tech products have been in a great number of headlines over the past few years without eliciting change. But when fights between workers and management broke out and paralyzed assembly lines in Zhengzhou last year, Chinese authorities started looking for solutions to the constant disputes. According to the Financial Times:

Carbon Monoxide Claims More Victims, This Time In Beijing Apartment

Carbon monoxide
Five medical students were found dead Monday in an apartment they shared in Beijing’s Choayang District, according to Xinhua. Arriving at the rented house in Chaoyang District at around 8:30 am, emergency doctors found the five men, from Harbin Medical University in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province, had all stopped breathing and had no pulse, police... Read more »

The Yum! Factor… Not So Much Anymore

Yum Brands
It’s been a season of scandal for Yum Brands Inc., parent of KFC, which has been forced to apologize in response to a government investigation that found it was using pumped up and drugged out chicken from a local supplier. This has led to ticked off customers, decreasing sales and now a fallen stock price.... Read more »

Shenzhen Rolls Out Legislation To Enforce “Civilized” Behavior, But Will It Work?

Shenzhen civilized city
Shenzhen prides itself on being one of China’s most “civilized” cities. Now it’s drafting legislation to back it up. On March 1, Shenzhen will become the first Chinese city to enforce civil behavior by law. According to Shenzhen Daily: Shenzhen’s Civilized Behavior Promotion Law lists 10 public behaviors that are deemed uncivilized and lead to fines... Read more »

China’s Success Produces A Soft Generation

Bitch if you touch me im gonna eat you
China’s multi-decade quest for rapid development has by all measures been a stunning success. However, this has not come without a few unintended consequences. The physical conditioning – or lack thereof – of 90s-generation youth has been called a “crisis.” Sun Yunxiao, author and deputy director of the China Youth and Research Center in Beijing,... Read more »

Actually, There Are Those In Hong Kong And Shenzhen Who Challenge Traditional Food Culture

Shark's fin on roof
Traditional ideas of what animals should be eaten are under pressure in southern China, a region where it’s often said anything that walks, flies or swims is fit for the dinner table. In Hong Kong, the controversy centers on shark fin soup, which has long been one of the city’s most popular dishes, especially among... Read more »

Provocations Continue Over Diaoyu

Chinese plane over Diaoyu
Japan scrambled F-15s to intercept a Chinese plane headed for the disputed island on Saturday, according to press releases from Japan’s foreign ministry over the weekend. The Y-12 propeller plane, operated by China’s State Oceanic Administration, came within 112 nautical miles of the island before turning back east and finally departing the area to the... Read more »

Passengers Scratch, Claw And Scream In Kunming Airport Over Interminable Delays, Lack Of Heat And Hot Water

Kunming Airport chaos
A near-riot broke out at Changshui International Airport in Kunming last Thursday, as wont to happen in Chinese airports now and then. Pictures surfaced of passengers screaming at airline staff, beating up ground crew, climbing over check-in counters, commandeering the airport’s broadcast system and generally taking their anger out on any computers or ticket machines... Read more »