That Marooned Balloon

Crashed balloon Diaoyu
For the proud nationalists of China, Japan and Taiwan, the Diaoyu island chain remains the perfect outlet to exercise one’s willfully blind patriotism. Which is -- fortunately for the rest of us -- shouting distance from stupidity. Hilarious, utter stupidity.

No Dogs, But Also No Japanese, Filipinos, Or Vietnamese Allowed? [UPDATE]

This shop does not receive (Houhai)
So, it seems that some people have yet to fully understand why racism is a bad thing. With tensions in the South China Sea remaining high, we’re still being treated to bizarre examples of unhealthy nationalism. The latest can be found here in Beijing: the proprietors of a snack shop in Houhai called Beijing Snacks... Read more »

Chinese Ship Locks Weapons Radar On Japanese Vessel, Because It Can [UPDATE]

Japan vessel featured image
Controversy swirls again in the East China Sea as a Chinese naval captain locked his attack radar on a Japanese vessel, says Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera. Japan's Defense Ministry made the announcement Tuesday, claiming such "painting" happened on January 30 and January 19. Onodera "warned that such actions increased the chances that any missteps in a dispute over the islands could veer into a larger confrontation," according to the New York Times.

Provocations Continue Over Diaoyu

Chinese plane over Diaoyu
Japan scrambled F-15s to intercept a Chinese plane headed for the disputed island on Saturday, according to press releases from Japan’s foreign ministry over the weekend. The Y-12 propeller plane, operated by China’s State Oceanic Administration, came within 112 nautical miles of the island before turning back east and finally departing the area to the... Read more »

Japanese Barred From Beijing Marathon Unless They Run Under Non-Japanese Nationality [UPDATE]

Japanese marathon runners
Lingering effects from September’s Diaoyu Islands row have caused organizers of the November 25 Beijing Marathon to take the unprecedented step of barring Japanese competitors. Not explicitly, of course — rather, “Japanese” isn’t listed in the nationality section of the online registration page. If you’re from Japan, you can run, technically, just not as a... Read more »

Chinese Entrepreneur Gives Free Geely Cars To Owners Of Japanese Vehicles Destroyed During Diaoyu Island Protests – Or Does He?

Free Geely cars!
Huangpu Renewable Resources CEO Chen Guangbiao held an extraordinary promotional activity yesterday: he gave away 43 cars, each reportedly worth 128,000 yuan (that’s 5.5 million yuan total, or $830,000), to former owners of Japanese cars that got destroyed during last month’s Diaoyu Island protests. All people had to do to qualify for their free Geely... Read more »

The Last Diaoyu Islands Post You’ll See From Us In A While (Hopefully), And It Involves Nudity

Naked protest for Diaoyu Islands
Back on August 24, weeks before people would double down on Diaoyu Islands senselessness, four protesters took to the streets in Shenzhen to urge "civilized patriotism, rational Japanese resistance." Three of them wore swimwear -- bikinis for the two girls, briefs for the man -- and attracted attention as much for their message as their appearance. We posted about it here, with a video.

This Is The Asshole Who Paralyzed A Toyota Corolla Driver, And He’s Under Arrest

Corolla attacker
The man who brutally attacked and nearly killed a 51-year-old driver of a Toyota Corolla on September 15 amid Diaoyu Island protests has been arrested, as announced on Sina Weibo (above, via Business insider; CCed on that message is “Xi’an Police Department”). Shanghaiist relays: Press release: Xi’an 9-15 protest Japanese car owner Li Jianli injury case solved,... Read more »