Driving The Volkswagen XL1, The World’s Most Efficient Car

XL1 with Ali
I test drove the Volkswagen XL1 on Friday at the Chaoyang Sports Center. What’s the XL1, you ask? Only the most efficient car in the world — efficient in every way, from weight to energy usage to fuel consumption (it can go 100 kilomters on one liter, thus the 1 in XL1). ”Are there any areas in which you think you can do more optimization?” I asked Dr. Volker Kease, technical project manager.

How Long Can You Touch A Car?

Car-touching competition 4
What if we told you the last one to stop touching the car gets to keep it? How long could/would you touch it, then? Yesterday in Shanghai, some 60 people began competing to win a new Volkswagen Polo by keeping their hands pressed to it. According to China Daily, contestants were allowed one 15-minute bathroom... Read more »

This Million-Dollar Vehicle From Luxury Tank-Maker Dartz Is Only Available In China

Black Snake
A Latvian tank manufacturer has its sights set on the Chinese market. Dartz, owned by Leonard Yankelovich, plans to roll out its first non-armored vehicle, called Black Snake, to ring in Chinese New Year. The $1-million-plus vehicle comes with a 5.5-liter twin turbo V8 engine that produces 557 horsepower. Whoa. Also, according to Forbes: The Black Snake... Read more »