Family Dispute Over Money Results In Audi Stranded Atop Apartment Roof

Audi car parked on 5th story of building

A family dispute over money has produced the above picture of a car on top of a five-story apartment complex in Lishui, Zhejiang province.

Xinhua interviewed the landlady, who confirmed that she put the car there (with help from a crane, presumably). The Audi belongs to her son-in-law and is being kept hostage because he and his wife owes the family money — more than 10,000 yuan, it seems.

“Why suspend it on top of a roof?” the reporter asked.

“He has the keys,” the woman replied. “One day, he invited his friends over in the middle of the night and planned to drive the car away. I guarded it the entire night.

“Later I thought… this is no way to do it. It’s best to hoist the car onto the roof.”

Sounds reasonable.

“After he returns my money, I’ll return his car,” the woman says.

She was unwilling, according to Xinhua, to provide further details.

(H/T Kevin McGeary)

    3 Responses to “Family Dispute Over Money Results In Audi Stranded Atop Apartment Roof”

    1. terroir

      I think the story mentions that it’s “several hundreds of thousands of RMB” that the son-in-law owes her.

      The story is pretty clear that the Audi was bought with the mother-in-law’s money… so it’s not clear why she doesn’t have the car repossessed.

      This seems pretty funny until people realize there’s a several ton car on a roof that doesn’t have the structural integrity to keep it aloft. Or, is our disdain kept for the douchebags that build mountains atop their penthouse suites?


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