This Million-Dollar Vehicle From Luxury Tank-Maker Dartz Is Only Available In China

Dartz Black Snake

A Latvian tank manufacturer has its sights set on the Chinese market. Dartz, owned by Leonard Yankelovich, plans to roll out its first non-armored vehicle, called Black Snake, to ring in Chinese New Year. The $1-million-plus vehicle comes with a 5.5-liter twin turbo V8 engine that produces 557 horsepower.


Also, according to Forbes:

The Black Snake is now the centerpiece of the brand with high performance, all-wheel drive offerings and the usual garnishings of diamond-encrusted hood ornaments.

Like any other Dartz, this tank-a-jeep was built using the same “kapsula” technology used in Joseph Stalin’s car. In lieu of armored plating this time, the Black Snake is available in a variety of leathers, including snake, crocodile, ostrich and — ladies and gentlemen — whale penis. (It might be fake — hopefully, at least.) Would Pamela Anderson protest this one as well?

This little baby also comes with gold — “covered with leaf gold formed like snakeskin,” according to Forbes. I bet it’s gonna be a smash in the next Chinese car expo, with or without skimpily dressed models.

The $1 million price tag might be a bargain if you consider that just a year ago Dartz came out with a dozen 8-million-dollar cars. Aimed at the Chinese consumer, of course.

Finally, as a thank you gift, Black Snake buyers get 56 grams of free caviar every month for two years. Totally worth the money.

(Image via Business Insider; below image via first link)

Black Snake

    7 Responses to “This Million-Dollar Vehicle From Luxury Tank-Maker Dartz Is Only Available In China”

    1. fdawei David

      Barf !!!! …perfect for the fuerdai…all these gross and garish-looking Dartz will be parked on Sanlitun in front of 3.3. In fact, the Chinese government should ban their importation !

    2. Chinese Netizen

      Actually… probably will work in the boonie cities with nouveau riche there (Lanzhou, Zhengzhou, Kunming, Wuhan?) but in 1st tier dumps like BJ, SH and GZ/SZ these have no cache. Not top manufacturer and no pedigree as a brand. Also, a lot of the minted Chinoise don’t go for that blatant Sino ass licking such as cars adorned with snakes & “888″ or watches with Chinese characters, diamond “8″ or dragons on the dials.

    3. Big Pile O' Fragrant Roses

      Lol, this has got to be the ugliest car ever. If you buy this you don’t deserve to even have that amount of money.

    4. Imre

      It’s more than easy to spot such a car on the street. Maybe that’s the aim of the owner… Or it may make hard time for him??? One of my friends in Israel has a yellow Hummer. There is only this one monster in the area. His wife always knows where he parks his car in the neighborhood :-))


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