Scenes From The Beijing Auto Show

Beijing Auto Show featured image
Our friend Amy Sands sends along these pictures from the 13th Beijing International Automobile Exhibition, China's largest auto show. "Like being on the set of a James Bond movie," she says. "Couldn't decide if I found it disgusting or awesome." Bumblebee's having a good time, at least.

Boobs And Crystal Cars At The Guangzhou Auto Show

Crystal car
Chinese auto shows are special, able to launch a model’s career in much the same way that American Idol launches pop careers, but when scantily-clad adults are too passe and scantily-clad five-year-olds are too controversial, what does an organizer do? In Guangdong province, where the 10th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition opened on Friday (extended from seven to 10 days),... Read more »

In Global Times’s Poll, “Child Bikini Modeling Is ‘Beneficial’” Is In The Early Lead

Global Times poll
We’re not sure how long this poll is going to be up on Global Times’s English website’s main page — it’s not on the Chinese site – but go vote while you can. I actually am curious to see the final results. Only question: What is “Other”? Maybe something like, “Classless, but in a societal vacuum,... Read more »

Auto Show Organizer Who Used Bikini-Clad Underage Girls Did So To “Boost Their Courage”

Chutian Auto Festival bikini model
Over the weekend, pictures of preteen girls used as bikini models at the Chutian Auto Culture Festival caused controversy in and around China. Basically, everyone thought it was a bad idea, and probably felt a little uncomfortable looking at the images. But what does the Chutian Auto Culture Festival’s organizer think? China Daily caught up with one... Read more »

Preteen Girls Are Now Being Used As Bikini Models At Chinese Car Shows [UPDATE]

Car show in Wuhan
If you thought there might have been laws forbidding prepubescent girls from posing as bikini models at car shows, you were wrong. At Chutian Automobile Culture Festival in Wuhan, which kicked off November 16, girls who look about nine years old were marched onto the showroom floor alongside adult models, all wearing two-piece bikinis. The only... Read more »

Naked Snake Lady Ups Ante By Whipping Out Crocodile

Guizhou car babe crocodile 3
The same young lady who made news on Thursday at the Guiyang Auto Show for playing, while half-nude, with a snake is at it again. Here she is doing a gig for a different company at the same show. More pictures via Car News China, which explains: Turns out she isn’t very faithful, here she is with a crocodile! She... Read more »

Car Show Takes Chinese-Topless-Model Act To New Level: With Snakes

Snake Lady 1
Organizers of an auto show in Guiyang, Guizhou province has decided hiring topless models isn’t enough to attract attention, since everyone is doing it. They’ve upped the ante with snakes. We have no idea what cars are being displayed, but Car News China does. Pictures taken Thursday; more after the jump.

Absolutely No One Asked For Video Of Li Yingzhi At The Beijing Auto Show, So Here It Is

Gan Lulu breasts featured image
You may remember Li Yingzhi as the model who wore a diamond dress at this year's Beijing International Automotive show (aka Auto China) worth 100 million yuan. (Here are several pictures of her via Ministry of Tofu.) Last week, a video surfaced of Ms. Li, accompanied by some serious softcore porn music. Behind all that makeup and those diamonds, there's a human being somewhere. A human being bedecked in diamonds.