Maserati Owner Smashes His Own $423,000 Vehicle To Spite Car Dealer

How bad must a car dealership be to drive someone to demonstrably obliterate his own car? Outside the 12th Qingdao International Auto Show yesterday, three men, apparently driven to the brink by customer service (we’ve all been, yeah?), took sledgehammers and systematically ruined a Maserati (we’ve not done this).

The vehicle was specifically a Maserati Quattroporte reportedly worth 2.6 million yuan ($423,000). “A friend of the luxury car’s owner said they did this to protest the car dealer’s bad service,” reports Sina. Apparently the dealer repaired the car using fixed parts, and that was deemed irremediably unacceptable.

The dealer has admitted to wrongdoing but did nothing for months to fix the problem.

The vengeful owner has set up a special Sina Weibo account to further publicize his discontent. The phtotos below are sampled from Sina. Car News China has more.

Smashing a Maserati to spite car dealership 2
Smashing a Maserati to spite car dealership 1

(H/T Alicia)

    7 Responses to “Maserati Owner Smashes His Own $423,000 Vehicle To Spite Car Dealer”

    1. RhZ

      I don’t care how bad that service was, only a rich idiot would do such a thing. But, on the bright side, it won’t stop anyone from buying a Maserati.

      • Michael

        Please. Like we haven’t all done similar things in response to the shitty customer service in China. Good hardware, Shitty Software, as they say. As for the Maserati, what does he care? Daddy (or the Tax payers) will just buy him another…

        What, you think driving your car in China is some kind of treat? He probably longed for the days of riding the subway.

    2. Jeff P

      1) Surely there will now be an upwelling of popular support for these spoiled rich kids and their broken half million dollar car.

      2) Swing a sledgehammer much? Ever worked a day in your life? Pretty sad display. They may as well have been throwing kittens at the thing.

    3. Mano

      Um…..the service is not from Mazzer you dumb Chinese hammer cock. The service comes from Chinese people who at best are poor at service.

      Next time take that hammer to your head and save us all the sound of you blasting down the road at 2am.

    4. Chackie Jan

      Jesus, what a sad little protest. Just hitting the windows, barely even using 10% strength. Not hitting the motor block, nothing. Pathetic. My flaccid john can punch bigger holes in that car than they do with a sledgehammer. Try again please!


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