Chinese Man Builds Homemade Submarine, And Here’s Proof That It Works

Innovation level: Asian
Innovation level: Asian. Earlier this month, Chinese media reported on a homemade submarine called “Sacred Dragon 2,” which creator Zhang Junlin, a retired police officer in Fuyang, Anhui province, said could dive 50 meters underwater and travel up to 15 kilometers per hour. One or both of those figures was probably hopeful thinking, but look... Read more »

Homemade Lamborghini In China Dubbed “Most Awesome Sports Car Ever”

Homemade Lamborghini
By Alicia This “Lamborghini” made with spare parts from other cars and steel pipes is the ultimate passion project. Wang Jian, 28, from Siyang, Jiangsu province reportedly spent 60,000 yuan to construct this life-size replica model of the classic Italian sports car (maybe the Gallardo?), and slapped on the license plate “王NB0001” (the character is... Read more »

Chinese Inventor Builds “Noah’s Ark,” An Indestructible Ball That Can Support Life

Noah's Ark 4
If you can’t find it, build it. Noah’s Ark is the creatively named project of Chinese inventor Yang Zongfu, an insulated, breathable, livable yellow ball that we’re told can withstand 1,700 degrees Celsius of heat, survive a magnitude-10 earthquake, and support life for a year (not like James’s Giant Peach, we don’t think, but it... Read more »

Here’s A Guy Ski-Boarding Down The Street

Wearing what could possibly be a fake Lakers jersey and shorts. We think one of his feet is in a plastic tub. The video description says he’s like the wind, which would only be true if the wind lik shimmies like his. Nothing else is known. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

Jerry-Rigged Tractor Thingymajig Rolls To Its Own Beat

Jerry-Rigged Tractor Thingymajig Rolls To Its Own Beat featured image
Migrant workers in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province have upped a bar previously set by Sofa Car Man and Homemade Soapbox Derby for Most Unexpectedly Innovative in China. The question: how does one transport an electricity pole from Point A to B without spending the few extra bucks to hire a truck? Answer: Attach the motor of a tractor to one end of said pole, then lay it across a modified three-wheel wagonbed that seats ten people. A cop who saw this said no one had seen anything like it before. You know why? Cause this is China, and it's damn innovative when it wants to be.

Now For An Altogether Different Type Of Video: Sofa Car

Sofa chair car featured image
Someone traveling on business in Longkou, Shandong province took this 26-second clip of a guy cruising down the street in a sofa. Nothing to see here. Just driving my sofa. So just to recap: we have villagers constructing homemade electric cars; musicians playing guzheng songs on iPads; people making crossbows and rifles; and a farmer with his nebelwerfer (as Blood and Treasure so eloquently puts it). Can we put to bed the notion that the Chinese aren't innovative?

A Homemade, Electric, Possibly Wind-Powered Soapbox Derby Car In Rural China

A Homemade, Electric, Possibly Wind-Powered Soapbox Derby Car In Rural China featured image
Posted two days ago to Youku (embedded after the jump for those in China), this video currently has 785,000 views. Tang Zhenping, according to the description, is a 55-year-old farmer from Beijing’s Tangzhou Wangji Yongle Town who spent 10,000 yuan to build an electric car that can travel 140 kilometers per charge. Apparently at high speeds, the fan attached to the front of the car begins generating electricity that powers the vehicle in addition to the generator in the back -- however unlikely, it must be said, this seems. Everything about the car is nonetheless impressive, and it reportedly only took three months to design and build.