Father Converts Van Into A Swimming Pool For His Son

Have you ever been to a Chinese public pool? They’re usually crowded, the water’s inevitably dirty, and young children should probably never be allowed near. So what do you do when your kid is desperate for a dip?

Here’s another tale of Chinese innovation: in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, a father removed the seats in the back of his microvan — one of those classic Chinese “bread vans” — and used nylon and steel wires to create a pool. Then he filled it with water. Voila! We have the birth of China’s “swimming pool van.”

The pool is 1.7 meters by 1.3 meters, with a water level of about 20 centimeters (with room to spare — just depends on how wet the front-seat passengers want to get, I guess). The kid who gets interviewed in the video exclaims, in succession, “Happy! Cool! Comfortable!” He says he plays in the pool every day. The father, meanwhile, said he decided to convert the van because it wasn’t being used for much else, and this is a safer and cleaner way to let his son swim.

I bet family road trips aren’t any easier though. Are we there yet? I’m turning into a prune!

While we’re on the subject of innovation: some dudes made their own hot-air balloon, with hydrogen, and took a joyride ala Pixar’s Up.

(H/T Alicia)

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