Guangdong Farmer Builds Brilliant Model Space Shuttle On Rooftop

Model rocket on top of building
Via, here's a photo of a model space shuttle and rocket on a rooftop in Jiexi, Guangdong province, reportedly built by a 60-year-old farmer named Huang Yuzhan. We love everything about this: as a celebration of the can-do spirit, the very human tendency to detach from our worldly fetters and drift and spin alongside imagination as boundless as the pale blue sky, and as a simple expression of craftsmanship, patience, and (dare I say?) innovation. This photo deserves a song.

When The Apocalypse Arrives, This Chinese Villager Will Die In The Safety Of His Giant Ball

Giant ball featured image
Liu Qiyuan, 45, isn’t letting the end of the world take him alive. He’s built seven spherical survival pods, each costing about $50,000, that are water-proof, ice-proof, and fire-proof. “Only my daughter supports me,” Liu says. “Practically everyone else thinks I’m crazy.” “If there is really some kind of apocalypse, then if you use my product,... Read more »

Homemade Lamborghini Works! Here’s Video

Alicia wrote about a homemade Lamborghini last week, used to “deliver fertilizer.” Netizens have dubbed it the “most awesome sports car ever,” but we expressed a reasonable dose of skepticism as to whether it actually works, because after all — homemade Lamborghini. Our doubts have been laid to rest. While it’s uncertain whether it can... Read more »