Foreigners Told: Stay Off The Drugs – And Twitter?

New details have emerged about last weekend’s drug raid in Beijing, which allegedly saw five foreigners deported and a similar number of Chinese detained – sending local Twitter users into collective shock. A comprehensive report on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s website by correspondent Stephen McDonell explains how he’d headed down to dirty dawg bar Dos... Read more »

How Beijing Authorities Conducted Their Great (Insipid) Sanlitun Drug Bust

Foreigners arrested in Beijing Sanlitun drug bust 1
More than 30 foreigners, most of “black complexion,” have been arrested on drug charges, and more than 790 grams of methamphetamine, ecstasy, and marijuana have been seized, according to an article on Tuesday in Legal China. Expect a few less head nods and “You good?”s around Taikoo Li. Also, you might need to find a new drug dealer.

Heroin Mule Thought He Could Sneak Into China By Saying He Was A JOURNALIST

Bag of powder heroin
No, dude. You’re doing it very wrong. Global Times: A foreign man, who claimed to be a journalist, was detained by Beijing Customs after they discovered heroin inside his sports shoes at Beijing Capital International Airport. The alleged smuggler, whose identity and nationality have not been revealed, arrived in Beijing at 8 am on January... Read more »

Marcus Williams’s Agent Says Shanxi Guard Used Pot For Medical Reasons (Of Course)

Marcus Williams (suspended for pot)
Marcus Williams became the first basketball player in China to be busted for “doping” on December 9 when he tested positive for marijuana, but so far he’s managed to avoid making silly, trite excuses such as “I was using for medicinal purposes.” We commend him for that. His agent, however, is happy to do so... Read more »

Restaurant poisons diners of rival establishment by lacing eggplant with blood pressure drug

The East is Read
Food and beverage is a competitive, cutthroat industry. A recent article in Annals of Internal Medicine, brought to us by NPR, explains exactly how cutthroat. In Beijing in 2010, 80 diners went to the hospital after ingesting poisoned eggplant. We’re now learning that shady agents from a rival restaurant were to blame, as they spiked the ingredients... Read more »

Pandas might be source of powerful new antibiotic

Maybe these cuddly creatures are useful for more than just their looks. Via The Telegraph: Scientists have discovered that the animals, of which there are around 1,600 in the wild, produce a powerful antibiotic in their blood stream that kills bacteria and fungi. They believe the substance could be used to create potent new treatments... Read more »