Exactly How Scary Is North Korea? Point-Counterpoint

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un looks at the latest combat and technical equipments, made by unit 1501 of the Korean People's Army, during his visit to the unit
How scary is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea? Let’s first look at the argument for “very scary.” Via Foreign Policy: North Korea today can threaten all of South Korea and parts of Japan with its conventional missiles and its conventional military. The North can fire 500,000 rounds of artillery on Seoul in the first... Read more »

North Korea’s Latest Propaganda Film Depicts Invasion Of South Korea, Captured US Citizens

North Korea invades South Korea featured image
On Friday, the above, titled "A Short, Three-Day War," was posted to Uriminzokkiri, depicting North Korean paratroopers and the shells of long-range weapons descending upon South Korea. Via Sina English: "The crack stormtroopers will occupy Seoul and other cities and take 150,000 US citizens as hostages," the narrator said.

North Korean Girl Spins With Vase On Her Head, Impressively, For 45 Seconds

North Korea girl spins vase on head featured image
Viewed over 40,000 times on Youku in the last three days, this video of a cute North Korean performer spinning for nearly 45 seconds with a vase on her head. The jaw-dropping part starts at the 1:45 mark. You couldn't do this. North Korea's known for these type of performances -- at the very least, English-language writers have commented on it before.

Skyping From North Korea: Here’s What It Looks Like

Skype from North Korea
It was only last month that North Korea decided it would allow visiting foreigners to surf the Internet, tweet, and Skype from mobile devices. As AP reported: Koryolink, a joint venture between Korea Post & Telecommunications Corporation and Egypt's Orascom Telecom Media and Technology Holding SAE, informed foreign residents in Pyongyang on Friday that it will launch a third generation, or 3G, mobile Internet service no later than March 1.

Very Funny Dubbing Of North Korean Propaganda Video Insists Americans Love Drinking Snow

North Korea dubbing
We thank Washington Post's Max Fisher for flagging a version of the above video, which has traveled from the YouTube account of British filmmaker and travel author Alun Hill (who created it) to Hong Kong's Phoenix TV, which broadcasts in China, before making its way back to YouTube... where Hill's name has been removed from the credits and some people have been, as they say, ensnared in the satire's net.

Dennis Rodman Reportedly Kicked Out Of New York Hotel For Fawning Over Kim Jong-Un

Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un
Dennis Rodman, fresh off his tour of Pyongyang, can’t stop singing the praises of that “awesome kid” Kim Jong-un. Unsurprisingly, some Americans just don’t want to hear about it, such as the bartender at the restaurant bar in Time Hotel in Manhattan on Sunday. According to the New York Post: “He was at the bar at... Read more »

What Does Basketball In North Korea Look Like? Here’s A Glimpse

North Korea basketball
The wonderful folk of Koryo Tours, who aren't responsible for Dennis Rodman but is for so many other Westerners who visit North Korea, passed along this video recently of Americans playing basketball in the DPRK last June. It was the first ever "USA-North Korea basketball exchange." "Well, I hope this opens up opportunities for the future," participant Luke Elie, founder of Coaches Team International, said. We wonder if he knew, eight months later, Rodman would be there.

How Have Netizens Reacted To North Korea’s “Official Hairstyles”? Hilariously

Approved hairstyles for North Korean women
Outside a salon in the city of Pyongyang hangs a framed picture showing 28 hairstyles for customers to choose from. The North Korean government has declared these styles the official ones for men and women -- and what selection! We're all too familiar with the practices of a conformist state, but this is a throwback to an even more communist era. If you are a married woman, you have to keep your hair short and ribbon-free; if single, young ladies should keep braids; etc.

Chinese Software Company Mocks Kim Jong-Un And North Korea’s Nuclear Ambitions In This Funny Ad

Kim Kong-un North Korea Kingsoft browser
North Korea may be distressing policymakers here and abroad with its threats of nuclear blah-blah-blah, but most people tend to shrug off its proclamations as rhetorical bluster, which we've all seen before. "Final destruction," DPRK? Really? You mean, this is finally the final one, now? North Korea, at this point, is a parody of itself, but that doesn't mean it can't use the occasional poke. Here's Kingsoft to oblige.

What Are “Average” North Koreans In Pyongyang Saying About Its Country’s Third Nuclear Test?

North Korea nuke test featured image
We know what the US, Japan, South Korea, and China think about North Korea's third nuclear test yesterday (none of them are happy), but about North Korean citizens? That's a stupid question, of course. We'll never know what the majority of them think, for obvious reasons. But via Dragon TV news, we know what a tiny number of them are willing to say on television:

North Korea Announces Successful Nuclear Test

NK Nuclear test featured image
NKNews.org has rolling updates of today's nuclear test in North Korea. It reports in a separate post: North Korea has successfully detonated a nuclear device in the Northeastern province of Hamgyong, causing an explosion with a magnitude of 5.1, geological surveys in China and the U.S. said. The detonation originated at a depth of about 1 kilometer in Kilju County, North Hamgyong Province, 378km (235mi) NE of Pyongyang at 1157KST.

Watch New York City Burn, As Depicted By North Korean Propaganda [SUBTITLES]

North Korea war on US New York City burns
The North Korea propaganda website Uriminzokkiri recently published a video depicting a dream sequence in which New York City burns, burns, burns. Check out the 45-second mark in the above video, which comes with subtitles (toggle on/off from the bottom-right corner). It's only a question of time... All around the world, there will be massive explosions. It will be The Revenge.

North Korea Publicly Rebukes China, Its Truest Ally, For Kim Jong-Un Plastic Surgery Rumor

Kim Jong-un surgery?
When the Korean Central News Agency uses terms such as "hostile forces" and "paid media" to describe a "smear campaign against the DPRK," the usual targets are South Korea and the US. Indeed, in its latest release, which is a resplendent sun in the smoggy skies outside the DPRK that everyone should go read right now, KCNA calls out its neighbor to the south, referring to them as "rats"... but look who else is implicated in the same article: