Here’s North Korean Children Swearing Their Lives To Kim Jong-un

Indoctrination sucks, and if you needed proof, watch this clip from North Korean TV showing a reported 18,423 children at a medal ceremony in Pyongyang paying obeisance to their country and Kim Jong-un.

According to the Youku video description, the highest honors are reserved for those standing in the front rows: they’re the ones who have volunteered to become suicide bombers in case of a war with the US.

We haven’t heard much about North Korean suicide bombers before, but of course there are those who’d “volunteer” for such a thing. In a country where citizens sometimes compete to love the Kim regime more, what greater thing to do than promise to lay down one’s life?

The ceremony was part of celebrations for Kim Il-sung’s birthday. (Also see: the Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon.)

Love your country all you want, but let’s agree that this sucks:

North Korean children swearing their lives for Kim Jong-un

He’s not worth it, kids.

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