Purple Panda Scares Bejesus Out Of Children

UPDATE: The “Californian” that was originally in the title (“…Out Of Californian Children”) refers to California, Pennsylvania. Sorry for any confusion. I’ve deleted the geographical reference for clarity’s sake.

At first, the kids at this daycare/kindergarten seem excited about the idea of Purple Panda from PBS Kids’ Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. (Purple panda, you should know, is just a purple version of the national symbol of China.) And then, something goes terribly, terribly wrong — Purple Panda actually shows up. Much crying ensues, because we’re dealing with kids, and kids are stupid. Youku video for those in China after the jump. [H/T Deadspin via The Morning Freak Show]

    9 Responses to “Purple Panda Scares Bejesus Out Of Children”

    1. Tiggerpaws

      I must have been a very weird kid, because when I saw purple panda for the first time I laughed my butt off.


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