Dennis Rodman And Kim Jong-un’s Friendship Put To The Test Over American Detainee

Dennis Rodman

Kenneth Bae, a Korean American sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in North Korea for crimes against the state, will not be used as a bargaining chip, says the DPRK. “Some media of the U.S. said that the DPRK tried to use Bae’s case as a political bargaining chip. This is ridiculous and [a] wrong guess,” Korean Central News Agency reported, via Washington Post. But would the regime, you know, release him, just because, pretty please, if Dennis Rodman asked?

The tweet is apparently in response to an editorial in the Seattle Times in which Thanh Tan wrote, “Well, perhaps now is the time for the NBA has-been to practice some real basketball diplomacy and call up his so-called friend for a favor: Grant American detainee Kenneth Bae amnesty and release him to his family.”

That “has-been” keeps up with his Korea news, apparently.

Of course, the last time we checked in with Rodman, he was accidentally revealing North Korean state secrets. We don’t think Kim’s gonna do him this solid. But wouldn’t it be great if he did?

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