The Crowning Of Miss Universe China, Featuring Paris Hilton

Miss Universe China - Paris
Saturday saw another beauty pageant in China, the final of Miss Universe China in Shanghai. According to the official website — “celebrating Chinese women!” — 21 contestants vied for the prize of 3.28 million yuan and the chance to represent China in the Miss Universe contest in December. Xu Jidan from Jilin — looking slightly... Read more »

And Now Here Is A Beauty Pageant For Cows

Cow pageant
Update, 8/27, 12:13 pm: Found some raw footage of the pageant, embedded after the jump. Yu Wenxia may have won the Miss World crown on Saturday, but could she hold a pail to any of these cows? I’ll let Want China Times explain this one: “The first ever beauty pageant for cows is being held... Read more »

Yu Wenxia, From China, Is Your New Miss World

Yu Wenxia
If you’re wondering why the new Miss World’s smile looks so robotic, you might find the answer in this Forbes article about cosmetics mogul Yue-sai Kan, who is the national director for Miss Universe China. Granting that Miss World and Miss Universe are different, it’s still telling that Kan operates a “boot camp” that winnows out... Read more »

Here Is A Bunch Of Hot Women In Bikinis

Sand isn't really all that sexy
I’ve made you wait long enough. After the jump you’ll find the promo video for the 37th Miss Bikini International 2012 along with more pictures. Who cares if there’s a chance they’re all Russian? The Miss Bikini International Pageant seems to have an official-looking website (, but it’s hard to navigate, probably because it was designed for... Read more »