Reminder: The “Miss Plus Size International Beijing” Happens Tomorrow

Miss Plus Size International Beijing featured image
Only a week ago we were lamenting the dearth of female presence at a UN Women's event in Beijing; now comes an event that celebrates a plus size of it. The Miss Plus Size International pageant, to be held this Saturday at a luxury hotel in downtown Beijing, isn’t a contest one would immediately associate with China, but – fuck it, it's happening, and there's nothing we can do about it.

Miss World China Final: Where Contestants Tried, And Really Deserved Better

Miss World China 6
Occasionally in showbusiness or sports, the odds against a performer's success are so stacked that the audience chooses, out of the goodness of human compassion, to root against probability. It's why we pull for Celtic FC when they face Barcelona, or Susan Boyle. I hadn't planned to cheer for the pageant contestants of Miss World China on Sunday at Galaxy SOHO -- hadn't not planned to cheer, as planning these things one way or another would be odd -- but a realization dawned upon me sometime between the rain and the fake applause piped in through the sound system: these girls are all underdogs in their own spotlight. They deserve better.

Tonight Is The Miss World China Final At Galaxy SOHO, And Here’s How You Can Attend

Miss World China featured image
If you're into beauty pageants -- and I say this knowing no one is, really -- there's a big one happening tonight, the finals of Miss World China, at Galaxy SOHO. Our friends at That's Beijing are running a very easy contest to get you in the event -- that includes a special invite-only afterparty that commences at 10 pm -- so if you want to rub elbows with the peachy, the yutzy, the beautiful though probably boxy, the sclerotic and robotic -- p-fucking-s, FREE DRINKS -- answer this question in an email to with "Miss World" in the subject line:

Meet Xu Jidan, China’s Contestant For Miss Universe 2012

Meet Xu Jidan, China’s Contestant For Miss Universe 2012
"Get to know the contestants of 2012 MISS UNIVERSE® Pageant," reads this YouTube description. Do we have to? More information about Miss China: Xu Jidan is 22, a model from Jilin province, 1.8 meters tall, and a graduate of Shanghai Donghua University. Apparently she dances flemenco. For winning Miss China, she won a ridiculous 3.68 million yuan diamond tiara -- not ridiculous because she didn't deserve it, or the results were manipulated, or she isn't worth it... but because 3.68 million yuan.

China-USA Super Model Contest Is The Latest Beauty Pageant You Didn’t Know Existed

China-USA Super Model
Look, we’ll be the first to admit that there’s a lot about the China-USA Super Model Contest that we don’t know. Maybe it’s a pageant to promote Sino-American cooperation. Maybe it’s a worthwhile soft power push in which the ultimate winners are Americans doing business in China, and vice versa. Maybe it’s a contest to... Read more »

The World Is A Better Place For This Image From The Mr. Hong Kong Nepal 2012 Bodybuilding Championship

Mr. Hong Kong Nepal Bodybuilding Championship
Something called the Mr. Hong Kong Nepal 2012 Bodybuilding Championship -- which somehow has been going on for 10 years -- happened recently, and was won by Bishwa Bahadur Thapa Magar (though we've also seen his name spelled "Bishow Thapa Magar"). We think this contest is for Nepalese men based in Hong Kong. We think. None of this is really the point, though.

ATV Mr. Asia Auditions Are Silly Awesome

Mr. Asia 1
About 200 men participated in the first round of auditions on Saturday for the ATV 2012 Mr. Asia contest, the finals of which will be held on November 18. Before we proceed, you should know that the five contestants pictured above are named Wong Chak Fung, Lee Si Tung, Wat Ho Ming, Wong Ching Chung, and... Read more »

The Saddest “Super Models”: Another Pageant In China

Super model
We’re going to let People’s Daily do the heavy lifting on this one. Take it away, boys (assume [sic]‘s): On that day, the final of the 23rd Super Model of The World .Guangxi .China was held in Nanning, south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. A total of 20 contestants competed in several awards including The Best Camera-Shy,... Read more »

Another Weird Pageant In China, This Time Involving Goldfish

Goldfish pageant
We’ve seen beauty pageants for cows, so it would naturally follow that there would be a pageant for goldfish. In Fuzhou, Fujian province on Saturday, 3,000 fish from 14 different countries competed in the International Goldfish Championship. They were judged according to breed, body shape, swimming gesture, color, and overall impression, judge Ye Qichang told ITN... Read more »