And Now Here Is A Beauty Pageant For Cows

Update, 8/27, 12:13 pm: Found some raw footage of the pageant, embedded after the jump.

Yu Wenxia may have won the Miss World crown on Saturday, but could she hold a pail to any of these cows?

I’ll let Want China Times explain this one: “The first ever beauty pageant for cows is being held in Shanxi province, with models posing with the cows. A total of 200 cows from 11 farms have joined the competition, and the organizer will choose the winners based on milk quality, appearance and pedigree. The first-place prize is 50,000 yuan (US$7,900). Orange Warwick county of the US is also co-sponsoring the pageant.”

The competition was held on Saturday in Shuozhou, Shanxi province, in the hours before Yu took the stage in Ordos. In a rather amusing newscast after the jump, which I’ve subtitled, one model says, “In all my years, this is my first time participating in this kind of event. Also, the type of events I used to participate in were related to cars or ceremonies. But this kind of cow modeling is a first.”

Another notes: “Because I always do these kind of events, we all approach this thing professionally. We don’t feel like we’re here just for hype. Don’t look at us as doing something negative, try to understand from a positive light.” That’s exactly the spirit one needs when crouching down and milking a cow for the camera:

Right. Here are more pictures:

The one in the middle doesn’t look amused.


Picture from Baidu forum

And now those videos:

(H/T Hao Hao Report)

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