Here’s A Giant Panda On A Block Of Ice

Giant panda and ice
Via China Whisper: “July 11, Wuhan maximum temperature was over 35 degrees, Giant Panda ‘Weiwei’ was laying on the ice blocks to get rid of heat.” Smart panda. Update, 1:40 pm:  

Pandas Being Pandas: Here They Are On A Slide, Again

Panda on slide
I’ll tell you straight up that pandas on slides are nothing new. But look, it’s International Panda Awareness Week, and pandas are wrecking havoc in London, and pandas are, after all, pandas, so I’m sure you can spare a couple minutes to watch Sina’s newest videos of pandas. Four pandas. Babies. On a slide. One... Read more »

Can Unfunny Be Awesome? When It’s A Commercial About Panda Cabs With Royal Family Impersonators, Yes

I’m embarrassed to have gone so long without posting this, but last month, Chengdu tourism officials created a commercial promoting black-and-white “panda cabs” in London using Kate Middleton, Prince William, and the Queen impersonators, and the Daily Mail tells us, in its article yesterday, that Britons aren’t too happy about it. Is it because the... Read more »

You’ll Not See Finer Pencil Drawings Than These From Paul Lung

Paul Lung - panda
Paul Lung from Hong Kong is a self-described business design consultant, but judging by these pictures he drew — yes, drew, as in with a .5mm pencil — his talents are being misemployed. I don’t know, maybe he’s a freakin’ spectacular business design consultant. I do know, however, that he’s an absurdly awesome pencil artist, judging by... Read more »