Pandas Parade Around Trafalgar Square, Fail To Terrorize Children

For something called Panda Awareness Week (PAW), which starts today, 108 people in panda costumes milled about Trafalgar Square, representing the 108 pandas living at Chengdu Panda Base. No kids, as far as we know, bawled their eyes out in sheer terror.

China Daily tells us that the pandas did tai chi, some other stuff. “This week’s activities will run through July 6, with the pandas hosting a ‘panda party’ at Covent Garden and touring the city — what better way? — by subway.” WHAT BETTER WAY INDEED.

And now, your obligatory backlink to our story about panda cabs featuring royal impersonators. Out of laziness, you get no transition sentence. There are videos from ITN News after the jump.

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