Pandas Having Sex! [NSFW, If You Have Panda Coworkers]

Panda sex closeup
I don’t want to steal pageviews from Sina English, which has just published probably its funniest set of captions ever, so go over there and check out “Zoo plays AV to help pandas mate.” They run a total of three pictures, the captions to each are as follows:

What’s All The Hullaballoo Over Panda Poo Tea?

Smelling panda feces for tea
In many ways, it’s a story that combines everything that makes the Chinese media gush: pandas, tea, X-thousand years of culture, little children wearing cute costumes… And poop. Panda poop. That’s the recipe behind what some are calling the most expensive tea ever created. Selling for an eye-popping 440,000 RMB per kilogram (about $32,000 per... Read more »

Pandas might be source of powerful new antibiotic

Maybe these cuddly creatures are useful for more than just their looks. Via The Telegraph: Scientists have discovered that the animals, of which there are around 1,600 in the wild, produce a powerful antibiotic in their blood stream that kills bacteria and fungi. They believe the substance could be used to create potent new treatments... Read more »

This Is Probably The Ugliest Dressed Dog You’ll Ever See

Yes, this is ANIMAL
ANIMAL, it says. That’s the best part. Hello — yes, this is ANIMAL. This picture is part of a collection via Xinhua called “Beauty pageant of dogs.” (There’s something Xinhua isn’t telling us, I’m sure.) Animal has absolutely no fashion sense, but what about this one here…