Panda Gives Birth To Year’s First Panda Twins

Panda gives birth to twins
Talk about a publicity and soft power machine for China. On Saturday, June 22, a female panda named Haizi gave birth to twins at a conservation center in Wolong, and everyone is talking about it, from BBC to AP to the Telegraph, which reports:

Please Enjoy This Adorable Red Panda Named Firefox Doing Pull-Ups In Fuzhou

Red panda does pull-ups 2
This is already more than a week old, but it's too good to dismiss on those grounds. Check out this red panda at the Fuzhou Panda World in Fujian province, being all adorable to ridiculous levels. His name is Firefox, and it's no mere raccoon. In this 30-second clip, it basically makes everyone forget that other type of panda. We're told the red pandas at this reserve can also balance on balls and ride electric vehicles.

This Is The Saddest Fucking Panda

Lanzhou panda
The Sina Weibo user who posted this picture, @哥不一搬3285043987, appears to have absonded from social media, but he/she thinks this giant panda in Lanzhou, Gansu province is dying because the zoo can’t feed it. The post: Lanzhou City Zoo’s panda is the world’s saddest panda. Thin and dirty. So hungry it can’t even walk. Supervisors... Read more »