Poetic Prose On Chinese Silkworms, Specifically The Torture Of

“But now is when the Chinese torture comes in, so if you’re squeamish, close your eyes now…”

Read the video description after the jump. You might think “poetic prose” is a generous mischaracterization, but I say: anyone who can make me laugh out loud with the words, “All I could keep thinking about were those poor silkworms in that boiling water!” is a-okay by me.

Also: “Everyone’s just trying to tell me, They’re just worms, it doesn’t hurt. HOW DO THEY KNOW IT DOESN’T HURT? It sure looks like it hurts to me!”

And there’s something about the woman’s voice which seems put-on yet… sincere. If the salt of the earth were a literal thing and had a voice, it would be hers.

“So I can happily say that no worms died for me that day.”

YouTube user standbyonly, who are you?

When I visited China, I was told a must is to go to a silk factory and witness the making of silk. Another must is to purchase the amazing silk blankets. Actually, I couldn’t go anywhere without seeing people walking around carrying several of these silk blankets.
I was excited and as I waited for the presentation found the most amazing silk shirt that looked amazing on me! I grabbed it as well as a couple of blankets for my son; I knew he would love them.
The presentation started, and it was not what I expected, it was horrible, I am still traumatized! What they did to those poor caterpillars was pure torture. It’s bad enough to kill them for the small amount of silk they produce, but if you have to, at least be humane about it. Needless to say I could not touch those disgusting blankets and that shirt was disgusting as well, I don’t care how good I looked in it
So, if you can’t stand the torture of animals, or caterpillars in this case. This is definitely NOT a must. If torture of defenseless creatures doesn’t bother you, then it is a must that you shouldn’t miss. Also… if you can sleep with a clear conscious, then get a few of those blankets as well, don’t worry about the 800 caterpillars who gave their lives for you.

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