Another Strange Traffic Accident In China, Set To Strange Music

Posted onto Youku yesterday (after the jump for those in China), this video already has more than 150,000 views. According to the description, a few days ago in Yantai, Shandong province, an oil tanker ran a red light, tipped over, and killed two, injuring another.

The strange music is not mine. It does make me think that perhaps someone is emulating our Traffic Light series though. Of course, we do it to mock BTV’s show, “Traffic Light.” This… simply tragic.

    2 Responses to “Another Strange Traffic Accident In China, Set To Strange Music”

    1. Sponge Monkey

      I’ve had a couple beers, and I have a message.

      CHINA! Wake UP! You want a better government, you want less corruption, you want this you want that.

      Respect the fucking law.

      The sad part about this is the two people that were killed WERE RESPECTING THE LAW

      Stop killing your people! You say foreigners hate China. Do we kill you like this?!?!

      I’m sorry, but this is pathetic. I am patiently waiting for them to understand that the reason their government treats them like peasants is because that’s how they behave…

      No that’s not how I feel, but it’s how they think.

    2. xiaohouzi

      This monkey agrees with Sponge Monkey. And why does it seem like all these horrible accidents take place in Shandong? Is Shandong especially backward? Perhaps it’s easier to buy a driving license in Shandong. I ride a motorbike every day in Qingdao and i must say that there are some really terrible drivers here.


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