Man Ingests Rabies, Dies After Refusing Treatment

Rabies death in Jiangsu
Rabies is a third-world problem: it's treatable as long as you have money and access to the proper medical care. (Ninety-five percent of human deaths are in Asia and Africa, according to the World Health Organization.) In Jiangsu province, a father chose -- out of monetary reasons -- to not seek treatment after sucking blood out of a dog bite on his son, and is dead as a result.

Dog Owner And Two Dogs Die Of Electric Shock In Beijing Pet Park

Beijing Chaoyang pet pool dog death
This is quite the tragic story. On August 9 at about 4 pm, a young man, reportedly 26, went to Kudi Pet Park in Beijing's Chaoyang Park with his wife and two dogs. Only his wife would walk out alive. "This used to be a dog amusement park, now it's a park of horrors," an eyewitness tells a Beijing TV reporter in the above video. "The pet park is for dogs to go swimming," another eyewitness says. "We all raise our dogs like they're our children, and then this happens!"

Young Girl Reportedly Killed By Electric Shock From KTV Mic

KTV parlor where girl was electrocuted by mic
A girl was electrocuted on Monday at a KTV parlor in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, according to Dongbei Net. Li Lingyu, 21, was performing karaoke with friends when eyewitnesses say she suddenly collapsed onto the sofa, dropping her mic. Three classmates who reached out to touch her all felt electric shocks. Another mic-holding classmate was shocked half-numb, and temporarily paralyzed.

Sichuan Floods Cause Bridge To Collapse, House To Crumble

House swept away by floodwater in Sichuan
Torrential rains in Sichuan province have caused flooding in several cities in recent days, leading thousands of militia and reserve troops to be dispatched to the hardest hit areas. The rains actually began last week, with the worst of it coming down in the last few days. Exact numbers regarding loss of life and property aren't available yet, but the rains have given us two vivid image of the destruction.

Man Dies After Jumping Out Of Bus Window Because He Really Had To Pee

22-year-old man pee bus
A 22-year-old man jumped out of a moving bus on a Sichuan province freeway and died, reports Chengdu Business Daily via Global Times. Why did he jump? "He asked me to park the bus because he needed to pee," said the bus driver, Liu Renzi, who was en route to Ziyang from Chengdu that day. "I asked him to wait because it's not safe to park on the freeway. I told him that there was a restroom at Shiqiao service zone, which would take about 10 minutes to reach."

Video Of Woman Cut In Half By Elevator Is Harrowing

Elevator beheading featured image
On May 15, a 24-year-old nurse surnamed Wang was cut in half by an elevator after she found herself pinched between its closing doors. That sentence is horrific enough, but what about more details? The victim, a nurse surnamed Wang, was trapped in the elevator in Changhong Tower in Shenzhen's Luohu district, when it stopped due to failure. Since the door was open the woman attempted to exit, but the elevator started moving again. The elevator fell at least three stories, killing Wang. Those details are definitely sufficiently horrific, but what about the video?

3-year-old British boy reportedly died while “waiting for an ambulance that never came”

The East is Read
Morbid details have emerged in the story of the British toddler who was crushed by a “falling screen” last Monday in a Shanghai restaurant. The accident happened at Kervan Orient Express just after 8 pm when the three-year-old boy, playing with a seven-year-old girl, fell down and “touched the partition screen, which fell and hit him... Read more »

3-Year-Old British Boy Killed By Falling Screen In Shanghai Restaurant [UPDATE]

Restaurant in Shanghai where 3-year-old British boy killed by falling screen
Police are investigating how a three-year-old boy could have been killed by a falling screen in a restaurant in Shanghai’s downtown Huangpu District on Monday. According to Shanghai Daily, “Witnesses said the boy may have accidentally touched the screen before it fell on him. Screens are sometimes used by restaurants to divide dining areas.” The boy... Read more »

Young Girl Thinks Strangulation Brings Pleasure, Accidentally Kills Her Best Friend

A girl in her early 20s in Jiangxi province was surfing the web on her phone last September when she stumbled upon a website containing this kernel of titillating, dangerous insight: “Rope strangulation can yield pleasure.” As Changjiang Network reports, the girl, called Lin, approached her longtime best friend, one year younger, with the idea.... Read more »

When Sinkholes Happen: Surveillance Footage Captures The Ground Opening And Swallowing A Passerby In Shenzhen

Sinkhole Shenzhen 2
What a world we live in when the ground beneath our feet might open up any moment and suck us under. Yesterday afternoon, a five-by-eight-meter sinkhole that was reportedly four stories deep suddenly formed in a residential compound in Shenzhen. A very unlucky security guard, who happened to be walking past, never stood a chance. He died after efforts to revive him at the hospital failed.