Boy In Ambulance Dies Just 200 Meters From Hospital, Two Cars On Highway Are Blamed

According to SETV (东南卫视) News, an ambulance in Taiwan was recently transporting a critically injured 12-year-old boy when the driver encountered two cars on the highway that did not immediately give way. There was first a BMW, which took three seconds to move over for the ambulance traveling at 180 kilometers per hour. There was then a sedan that apparently never switched lanes, even after the ambulance honked and flashed its lights for 10 seconds.

We’re told that the boy perished just 200 meters from the hospital. Of course, we’ll never know if he would have survived if the ambulance hadn’t been delayed those 13 seconds (and judging by the video, it’s unclear whether the cars really did take as long as reported). But at the risk of stating the obvious, I ask: how idiotic and arrogant must one be to not immediately move over for an emergency vehicle? It is, after all, one’s life that could be at stake, and someday it could be you needing every precious second you can get. Times like these, I really hope karma exists.

We’re told at the end of the video that not moving over for ambulances can result in 600- to 1,800-yuan fines and a three-month license suspension. In this case, those penalties sure don’t seem severe enough. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

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