Deputy Police Chief In Yunnan Accused Of Causing Car Wreck

A driver of a white Fengtian utility vehicle is accused of causing another driver to crash on a Yunnan highway a few days ago. This is news only because the Fengtian, incidentally, is registered under the city’s deputy police chief, Wang Weixiong, who has been avoiding phone calls. You can watch in the video how, at first, the Fengtian is desperate to pass the smaller car, which doesn’t yield to the right lane because there are other vehicles on the road. When the smaller car finally lets the Fengtian pass, the Fengtian driver decides to horse around a bit, presumably out of spite.

The driver of the smaller car, Mr. Cai, is interviewed in the embedded Youku video after the jump. He says he was agitated by the horseplay, and tried to get away. Instead, he swerved, lost control, and crashed into a guardrail, injuring his wife and seven-month-old child (they’ll both be okay). Confronted later, the police department was testy with Cai, telling him it was a small problem and making it clear there was nothing to talk about.

Cai’s next step, he says, will be to go through the courts. Also see: For Whatever Reason, This Truck Doesn’t Let Cop Car Pass. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

(H/T Alicia)

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