Two Peng Liyuan Photos Deleted From Chinese Internet, Including One Of Her Serenading Troops In Tiananmen In June 1989

Peng Liyuan singing to troops on Tiananmen in 1989 before crackdown
Peng Liyuan may be unlike other wives of China’s leaders — she’s the country’s first “First Lady,” after all — but that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to stray off-message when talking about her. Case in point, the above photo, published by @HKfighter with an accompanying message that was translated Tuesday by China Digital Times:

Sky Correspondent Politely Detained Either Because Of Credential Problems Or For Mentioning The 1989 Tiananmen Crackdown

Sky News detained at Tiananmen 1
Sky News correspondent Mark Stone and cameraman Andy Portch were pre-recording a clip on Tiananmen Square on Friday morning for a piece about China's leadership transition when a police officer asked them to stop. "According to a Sky News spokeswoman, police told the pair they were detained because they were not properly displaying their press accreditation badges," according to the Guardian.

The Atlantic’s Tribute To Tiananmen ’89

Tiananmen 1
The Atlantic has posted 50 beautiful photos on its website in a series called "Tiananmen Square, Then and Now," that should more than justify the five minutes it takes to look at them. I've posted five more of my favorites after the jump, but there really isn't a bad shot in the bunch. You might have seen many of them in the Boston Globe's "The Big Picture" in 2009 to commemorate 20 years since the military crackdown at Tiananmen, but they're worth seeing again. Cogs in something turning... they were all childs of God.