Introducing: “Creepy White Guys,” For All You Single Asian Ladies

Creepy White Guys
If you're an Asian woman seeking love on the interwebs, or living in China (or many places in Asia, while we're at it), perhaps you can relate. There are only two posts on this new Tumblr, Creepy White Guys, but give it time. Surely there are more white men out there who love martial arts and anime and believe Asian girls are like lotus flowers, docile and submissive. Chrysanthemums, Mulan, tiger moms, dainty mushu dragons... we look forward to seeing these references, and more, in the coming days.

Introducing: Xi Jinping Looking At Things

Xi Jinping looking at things
Just yesterday, Michele Travierso tweeted, "I sense a Tumblr in the making" in response to pictures of Xi Jinping doing ordinary things on his Southern Tour. The Internet works fast. Presenting: Xi Jinping looking at things.