Here’s A Tumblr Devoted To The Height Of Xi Jinping’s Pants

How High are Xi Jinping's Pants?

Proving that some good things really can exist on the Internet for months without being discovered, here’s a Tumblr called How High are Xi Jinping’s Pants Today?

The first post — and they’ve been sporadic ever since — was in June, but somehow we hadn’t encountered it until just this morning, thanks to That’s Online.

Like so, we have yet another way of tracking the movements of the general secretary of the Communist Party of China. And also a sartorial lesson in the proper height of pants — not so formal, and not so bureaucratic.


    One Response to “Here’s A Tumblr Devoted To The Height Of Xi Jinping’s Pants”

    1. Steve

      Been one of my favorite Tumblers for a while now, glad to see it starting to get its due. Hopefully they stick with it, should be much Xi fun to come.


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