Watch A Cop Almost Do Something About This Fight

I fought the law, and the law could not have cared less about winning.

Bonus fight: in Chongqing, a man’s mistress beats up his wife:

    2 Responses to “Watch A Cop Almost Do Something About This Fight”

    1. Fred

      Actually, he did break it up. They stopped fighting, I think that’s kinda the point. No reason for the cop to pick a side and start beating the crap out of someone.

    2. Jive madra

      I have no time for the cops here, very cynical over them being anything more effective than fucking petals on a pansy, but yeah, from the vid, it looks like he kinda intervened. Then did sweet fuck all about it. If he’s a cop and there’s a fucking ruckus kicking off, stopping it isn’t just in his remit, it’s the first step he’s MEANT to take. Next is to arrest their asses. But, no, god forbid they’d actually do anything. What if one guy started stomping the shit outta the other? Well, it’d probably just get a large crowd with camera phones. Intervention – poloice or otherwise? God no


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