Investigators Trace Spate Of Thefts Onboard International Flights To Mainland Chinese Gangs

Chinese mainland gang thieves international flight
Ever wondered how safe your valuables are when you’re onboard an international flight? There might be reason to be careful, especially if you’re traveling in southeast Asia – gangs from mainland China are supposedly targeting unsuspecting airline passengers. What first brought this to our attention was a story reposted by Lost Laowai. The original, which... Read more »

900 Dead Pigs Found In Shanghai Waterway [UPDATE: Swine Count Now In The Thousands]

Dead pigs in Shanghai 2
People in Shanghai never stop complaining about Beijing, and with sandstorms sweeping into the capital, the people in this country's Second City have been growing quite smug about their marginally healthier air. Well, now… Shanghai isn't exactly environmentally pristine. This weekend, more than 900 dead pigs were found added to the aquatic ecosystem in the Songjiang section of Huangpu River.

Luxury Brands Hit Hard By China’s Anti-Corruption Drive

With corruption everyone pays
If you listen really carefully, you can hear the world smallest violin playing for all the corrupt officials in the People’s Republic – the campaign against corruption and wasteful spending means they’re no longer allowed to splash out on 8,888 yuan on bottles of fine tiger penis wine or whatever they drink. However, there’s always... Read more »

No Dogs, But Also No Japanese, Filipinos, Or Vietnamese Allowed? [UPDATE]

This shop does not receive (Houhai)
So, it seems that some people have yet to fully understand why racism is a bad thing. With tensions in the South China Sea remaining high, we’re still being treated to bizarre examples of unhealthy nationalism. The latest can be found here in Beijing: the proprietors of a snack shop in Houhai called Beijing Snacks... Read more »