Chinese River Runs Red

The River Runs Red 2
Oklahoma and Texas play an annual football game called the Red River Rivalry. When it comes to actually red rivers though, none compare to the one found in Boluo County near Huizhou, Guangdong province earlier this week. It's like the jungle's menstruating.

Cobra II And The “Tuskonomics” Of Ivory In China

China Cobra
2014 has been an auspicious year so far for elephants. In January, the Chinese government crushed -- the technical term for destroying -- a whopping 6.15 tons of tusks, equivalent to one-sixth of the illegal ivory seized worldwide in 2012. The following week, Chinese officials worked with Kenyan authorities to apprehend the Chinese kingpin of a Kenya-based ivory ring.

Tree 1, Crane 0

Tree topples crane
A 700-year-old tree in Shifang, Sichuan province withstood the efforts of a crane trying to secretly knock it down. Check it out. That's what happens when an immovable object is actually immovable: 30 meters tall, 2.4 meters in diameter, apparently.

Jiangmen Protest Successful As City Scraps Plans To Build Uranium Plant

Jiangmen protest of uranium power plant
Hundreds of residents staged a not-in-my-backyard protest in Jiangmen, Guangdong province on Friday to oppose plans to build a uranium processing plant. SCMP reports that the protest, a restrained and civil affair, was largely organized via social media. The uranium complex, featuring three 30-hectare plants, would have been the nation's biggest, reports NY Times.

1,177 Tons Of Fish Dead Of Oxygen Deprivation Near Yunnan Hydroelectric Dam

Dead fish in Yunnan tilapia hypoxia
Thousands of fish have been dredged out of a reservoir near Sinan River Power Station, a hydroelectric dam in Yunnan province. How many thousands? Whatever 1,177 tons comes out to -- about half a million, give or take many thousand. The deaths began on May 20, according to Yunnan Net. Five days later, 1,177 tons of fish, mostly tilapia, were dead, including 3.6 million fry. The economic losses are estimated at 13 million yuan.