Taiwan Ships Shoot Water That “Looks Like Urine,” Say Netizens

Taiwan Ships Shoot Water That “Looks Like Urine,” Say Netizens
While Japanese and Taiwanese ships continue playing with their super soakers in the South Pacific, netizens have commented that the Taiwanese ships don't shoot very straight or with force. Indeed, in the video above, you'll see that it does look like they're just pissing -- which completely makes sense, since Japan and China are just having a pissing contest at this point.

Human Flesh Engine Search Is On For Man Who Assaulted Toyota Corolla Driver In Xi’an [Graphic Video]

Manhunt for this guy
On September 15 in Xi’an, Shanxi province, an anti-Japanese protest got so out of hand that a Chinese man was partially paralyzed when someone clobbered him over the head with a piece of steel. Fifty-one-year-old Li Jianli’s only crime? Driving a Toyota Corolla with his family. His wife futilely pleaded with the mob, “It was wrong of... Read more »

Japan Knocks China Out Of FIBA Asia Cup, Netizens React As Only They Know How

Japan Knocks China Out Of FIBA Asia Cup, Netizens React As Only They Know How
The Chinese Basketball Association doesn't take the FIBA Asia Cup very seriously, as a glance at this year's roster will show: every player under 22 years of age, playing against several countries' senior-level teams. But what happens when your team gets paired against Japan in the knockout round amid nationalistic protests back home against this very country?

Innocent Bystander Seriously Injured Amid Anti-Japan Protest

Chinese protester hurt
Picture via Beijing Youth Daily The violence and protests have been stowed away like a jack-in-the-box, some novelty toy to be brought back out at another politically opportune time. The carnival’s over, folks. Time to go home. But there’s a thing about violence. You might know it. Violence owes fealty to no one and nothing, and can... Read more »

This Restaurant Wants To Give You A Steep Discount, Assuming You’re Not Japanese

Restaurant with sweet deal
Sent in by an anonymous tipster, a restaurant on Jintai Street near Chaoyangmen offered this sweet deal on Saturday: Japanese customers who recognize the Diaoyu Islands are Chinese territory may enter Japanese customers must pay full price on hotpot, rinsed vegetables at this location Chinese people without exception receive 40% discount Drinks, desserts, and fruit... Read more »

Special Offer! Tell Us What We Want To Hear And Your Death Will Be Merciful

Century 21
Our Wudaokou correspondent Jacob, who runs the site Beijing Wiki, spotted this advertisement in front of a Century 21 office yesterday. We’d like to bring your attention to two things: the blood dripping from the Japanese flag (someone has an overactive imagination), and the Japanese on the ads. But interestingly, the special offer is only... Read more »

Protesters Surround US Ambassador Gary Locke’s Car [VIDEO]

Protesters Surround US Ambassador Gary Locke’s Car featured image
On Tuesday, while most protesters were gathering around the Japanese embassy, about 50 people splintered off toward the US embassy, where they happened to catch Ambassador Gary Locke in his official black embassy car. Police very quickly came streaming in from two directions and walked the car down the street, where it took the next left and disappeared. The vehicle sustained minor damages. All else was peaceful.

Evidence That Diaoyu Islands Really Do Belong To China, On Nicholas Kristof’s NY Times Blog [UPDATE]

Diaoyu Islands
There’s no superlative I can offer for Nicholas Kristof that you haven’t already heard, so let’s just jump to this latest post on his NY Times blog, On the Ground, written by Han-Yi Shaw. Kristof offers a brief introduction to start: This is a dispute that both sides should refer to the International Court of Justice,... Read more »