Special Offer! Tell Us What We Want To Hear And Your Death Will Be Merciful

Our Wudaokou correspondent Jacob, who runs the site Beijing Wiki, spotted this advertisement in front of a Century 21 office yesterday. We’d like to bring your attention to two things: the blood dripping from the Japanese flag (someone has an overactive imagination), and the Japanese on the ads. But interestingly, the special offer is only written in English. Hmm.

Just a bit of silly entertainment, surely — but it seems inevitable that there are more such ads out there. Let’s collect them. If you see any businesses offering Diaoyu-related discounts, let us know and we’ll post em here.

    8 Responses to “Special Offer! Tell Us What We Want To Hear And Your Death Will Be Merciful”

    1. Danielle

      I’d like to pass this picture along and make a complaint (fun to comment and look at pictures, but who knows if action has been taken)? Which location is this, might I ask, Anthony?

      • Jacob

        Hey, I’m the guy who took the picture. It’s at the Century21 right next to The Bridge Cafe (by Propaganda and Sensation night clubs as well) in Wudaokou, pretty close to the subway station.

    2. bluguy

      I believe these chinese humans behave very Queerly. I hope they come around some day. Glad Dim sung dude from korea is the sexiest; may minimize future commies.


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