Innocent Bystander Seriously Injured Amid Anti-Japan Protest

Picture via Beijing Youth Daily

The violence and protests have been stowed away like a jack-in-the-box, some novelty toy to be brought back out at another politically opportune time. The carnival’s over, folks. Time to go home.

But there’s a thing about violence. You might know it. Violence owes fealty to no one and nothing, and can as quickly turn against itself or its source, or innocents. Last Saturday in Xi’an, Shaanxi province, 51-year-old Li Jianli was bludgeoned over the head by a steel implement just because he was driving — with his family — a Japanese car. He is now partially paralyzed. The story comes via Beijing Youth Daily, and the details, as relayed via Wall Street Journal, are difficult to read:

Mr. Li, his wife, one of his son’s and the son’s fiancée, were on their way back from a shopping trip when Mr. Li’s white Toyota Corolla was set upon by an agitated anti-Japanese mob brandishing sticks, bricks and steel implements, according to the Beijing Youth Daily.

Mr. Li’s wife urged the demonstrators not to damage the vehicle. “It was wrong of us to buy a Japanese car. We won’t buy one ever again, OK?” she was reported as saying by Beijing Youth Daily.

But the gang beat Mr. Li anyway, striking him on the head with a steel shackle and causing him to lose consciousness. Later, he was rushed to hospital where he was treated for open brain injury and then moved to an intensive care unit. He remained there until he regained consciousness three days later.

Mr. Li can now move the left-hand side of his body but the right side continues to be partially paralyzed.

There is no “bright side” to this story. Fuck silver linings in the form of protest repudiations, as if collective guilt expressed on social media could restore a father and husband’s physical well-being. You hate Japanese products so much, you shitbags? Buy your own Japanese car and go nuts on it with a sledgehammer. Film it on your shitty aigo camera put it on Youku to show off your monkey-dumb patriotism, as if it were a skill to be rewarded with a fruit-flavored hard candy, you stupid fucking pieces of scum. Go kill yourselves.

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    1. name

      Nobody in the mob or among the by-standers stopped or catched the person responsible for this. Nobody in the mob stopped him/her after this action, nobody took him/her to the police. They are all criminals. They are all equally responsible for this act of senseless violence against an innocent. This is why China is fucked up. This is why this country is shit piled over more shit.

    2. sid

      These people are animals – it’s not about Japan at all – they’re just animals by nature. THEY ARE NOT CIVILIZED. Thousands of CHINESE in CHINA are currently out of work due to THEIR recent violence leading to Japanese and Japanese associated businesses to close. Maybe some of those employees took part in the riots – too bad, they shot themselves the the foot – and are killing their own people over an island near some OIL under rocks that they’ve never seen and will never see. ANIMALS.

    3. Jay K.

      god job china! my former chinese roommate once said chinese logic is fucked up(and he even admitted he also was part of this thinking); the logics goes like this “bully your own people and beat the shit out of them, it’s ok…foreign country did something to us, bully and mortally injure our own first, then we try to hurt and fight the foreign country”

    4. narsfweasels

      @JAy K

      I never get tired of telling this story:

      I was talking to a friend about the Century of Humiliation, he got quite heated and angry about all tat was done to China. I remarked that historically speaking the “Great, Glorious and Correct” Communist Party was responsible for many, many more deaths than the Japanese occupation or the Colonialists, and asked why he wasn’t angrier at them:

      “Because we can do it to ourselves, but other people aren’t allowed to do it to us.”


    5. Wit-ness

      You know what? GOOD! Imagine if that had been a Japanese family in that car? There are millions of chinese living in western countries but you don’t hear of westerners out on the rampage even after the killing of Neil Hayward. Do you? Those of you who have spent any length of time will agree that this is simply the savage mentality of mainland chinese and it will not change. 5,000 years of history? 5,000 years of retarded savagery is more accurate. I am proud to be a British citizen and even more proud of the British people where, as a man of colour, I am considered to be PART of society. In china, forget colour, you are not chinese then you are sub-human. I feel zero sympathy for any mainland chinese who gets injured in any of these anti-japan protests.

      Anyone seen the article about that American dude in Shanghai? Sitting on his moped minding his own business? And some peasant, mainland chinese piece of shit, son-of-10,000-pigs comes up and slashed the American dude’s face with a knife? Just ‘cos they are angry about some islands which they never even knew existed a couple of weeks ago.

      China has always, and is, and always will, eat itself. Foreigners should just pack up, leave and leave now. Don’t waste your time teaching or training these retards anything.

      China, the games is almost up. The end for china will come before they even begin to achieve global standards in HUMAN decency.

      Looks like Britain/America are just going to have to teach you some lessons. Want silver for your tea? Hmmmm, I’m sure we can think of an alternative form of payment…


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