And Now, A Homemade, Scaled-Down Liaoning Aircraft Carrier

Miniature Liaoning aircraft carrier
Compared to conventional present requests for chocolates, mountain bikes, red envelops stuffed with money, or even miniature Lamborghinis, this one seems the hardest to fulfill: last Spring Holiday, a boy in Qingdao, Shandong province asked his grandfather for a model Liaoning Aircraft Carrier.

Grenade Training With Female Chinese Soldier Nearly Goes Horribly Wrong

Grenade training with female soldier in Yunnan, China nearly goes horribly wrong
Okay guys, shelve the jokes. Who among us has handled live explosives and knows the special feeling of a shrapnel-packed weapon ticking down to our doom? Adrenaline gushing through the veins of our throwing arm, would our toss be guaranteed a certain distance, the ideal trajectory, so that the projectile -- shrapnel-packed, explosive -- doesn't bounce back at our feet, as it does here, in this video, to the poor female recruit and her two companions?

China Successfully Landed A Jet On Its Aircraft Carrier For The First Time On Sunday, And It’s Already A Meme

J15 as Internet meme
China took another step toward legitimizing its Soviet-purchased aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, on Sunday when five pilots of J-15 fighter jets successfully landed on the carrier, led by squadron leader Dai Mingmeng. Even though experts say it’ll be at least four years before the Liaoning is “fully combat capable,” according to China Daily, Sunday’s exercise... Read more »

More Tito Than Samuel L.: A Military Specialist Weighs In On China’s First Aircraft Carrier, The Liaoning

Liaoning Carrier
By Pyrrhic Victor Yesterday morning, People’s Daily went full defensive over “irresponsible remarks” regarding China’s Varyag Liaoning aircraft carrier. The article kicks off in true PD fashion, with a title befitting an elementary student who’s been told to shut up and stop showing off his new toy: Stop making irresponsible remarks about China’s aircraft carrier... Read more »