Florentijn Hofman’s Rubber Duck Arrives In Taiwan To Ridiculous Fanfare

Rubber duck in Taiwan 2
Florentijn Hofman's rubber duck is the goldmine that will never be depleted. Deflated, maybe, but never depleted. This we know because his rubber duck arrived in Kaohsiung, Taiwan on Thursday ahead of Typhoon Usagi -- that storm that's killed 33 people in southern China and southeast Asia so far, i.e. around where Taiwan is located -- and attracted half a million spectators.

Other China-Related “Empire State Of Mind” Parodies You Might Enjoy

Taiwan State of Mind
The talk of the day has been Mark Griffith and Andrew Dougherty's brilliant music video Beijing State of Mind, a tribute to this city of ours, set to the beat of Jay-Z's famous homage to New York. The Brooklyn native's Empire State of Mind has, of course, inspired countless spin-offs, about Chinese cities other than Beijing, too.

Political Bitchfest Turns Violent As Brawl Breaks Out In Taiwan Parliament

Taiwan parliament brawl 1
It could be that I have absolutely no understanding of Taiwan politics, but holy catfight! "Members of the ruling party and opposition party fought for control over the rostrum, ahead of a scheduled discussion on the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant referendum," Taiwan-based The China Post explained. Taiwan's legislature is notorious for its brawls between legislators -- i.e. elected adults who are supposed to be the representatives of a democratic, civil society -- but this recent fight brings politics to a new level: pinching, shrieking, hair-grabbing, pushing, crying. And whatever is happening here:

Young Taiwanese Man, Speaking English, Adamantly Refuses To Return To Compulsory Military Service

Young Taiwanese man doesn't want to return to military service featured image
There’s not much info about this video, posted on YouTube by ThePiXNet yesterday and flagged by Reddit, but the description claims the young man is a study abroad student who doesn’t want to return to Taiwan to finish his compulsory military service. Can you blame him? Conscription has been called “prison for the innocent,” and since we’re... Read more »

Taiwan Only Won Four Golden Horse Awards, So Some Local Lawmakers Now Want To Nix The Whole Film Festival

Golden Horse Awards
The Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, inaugurated in 1962, is the oldest and arguably most prestigious of China’s four major film awards (the mainland’s Hundred Flowers Award was also founded in 1962, but it was suspended from 1964 to 1979, for obvious reasons). On Saturday, in its 49th annual show, director Gao Qunshu’s Beijing Blues... Read more »

Taiwan Woman Still Hopeful That David Petraeus Will Marry Her

Liu Shu-jen
Last September, Liu Shu-jen got the notion, somehow, that David Petraeus, the four-star general who was then still the CIA director, was going to fly to Taiwan to marry her. She transferred, in total, $50,000 to Petraeus’s “offshore band accounts,” and then found herself in jail after trying to cash 37 fraudulent traveler’s checks. As... Read more »

Another Insurance Scam Attempt In Taiwan Foiled By Dashboard Cam

Taiwan insurance scam featured image
Here's a guy who, metaphorically, gets his hand caught in the cookie jar. We only wish his hand could've been chopped off (metaphorically, of course). In Kaohsiung, Taiwan on Saturday, a dude crouching on the road leapt up and rolled himself onto the hood of a vehicle he thought was going sufficiently slow enough to not kill him. We imagine this is the conversation that followed: "OWWWwww. Owwwwww. GAWD WILL I WALK AGAIN?!"

Will No One Help This Drunk Man On The Side Of The Highway? (Answer: Seeing As How He Got Run Over, No)

Will No One Help This Drunk Man On The Side Of The Highway?
On Saturday night in Taichung, Taiwan, a drunk man surnamed Zhang wandered onto a busy road, sat down, and passed out. We've seen drunk people on the highways before, but not what happens next. After about four minutes -- a dozen or so cars had zipped by without stopping to help, with only a couple slowing down -- a vehicle ran him over. You can see all of this in the surveillance footage, above. The car that hit him ended up flipping onto its side, though the driver suffered only minor injuries.

Taiwan Ships Shoot Water That “Looks Like Urine,” Say Netizens

Taiwan Ships Shoot Water That “Looks Like Urine,” Say Netizens
While Japanese and Taiwanese ships continue playing with their super soakers in the South Pacific, netizens have commented that the Taiwanese ships don't shoot very straight or with force. Indeed, in the video above, you'll see that it does look like they're just pissing -- which completely makes sense, since Japan and China are just having a pissing contest at this point.

An Insurance Scam Fail For The Ages

An Insurance Scam Fail For The Ages featured image
If you're aiming to fake an injury by jumping in front of a car, make sure the target vehicle doesn't employ a dashboard cam. In Kaohsiung, Taiwan on Friday, a pedestrian flung himself -- in slow motion -- onto the hood of a car, then rolled off and laid on the ground waiting for someone to hand him a bag of gold. The car owner stood over him and, unamused, said, "Don't you know I'm a cop?" We don't know whether he actually was one or not, but the driver then appears to point at his dashboard camera, which has recorded all this for posterity and the Internet. Ah, the Internet. Thank goodness for it. And this. And dashboard cams.

Golden Python Bites Nose, Won’t Let Go

Golden Python Bites Nose, Won’t Let Go
In one of Yilan, Taiwan's night markets is a food stall that advertises "free picture with golden python" for those who purchase a meal. Sounds great, right? Two high school students thought so -- until, that is, the two-plus-meter-long snake bit down on one of their noses and slowly began wrapping its body around the boy's neck. The one who was not in mortal danger, meanwhile, giggles uncontrollably while his friend squeaks, "It hurts, it hurts."