That Streaker At The Nobel Banquet Was Artist Meng Huang, Accompanied By German Peace Prize Recipient And Chinese Exile Liao Yiwu

Liao Yiwu and streaker
That last video we just put up of a man streaking outside the Nobel Banquet Hall in Stockholm wasn’t just some prankster after a laugh, or a drunk man who’d lost his wits. It was part of a coordinated protest featuring none other than Liao Yiwu, author of The Corpse Walker and the recipient of... Read more »

Foreign-Run VPNs Are Officially Illegal In China, Apparently

VPN lock
This paragraph is simply THE WORST. It comes from Global Times, of course, in a story headlined, “Foreign-run VPNs illegal in China: govt” (emphasis mine): Residents in China have found logging into their Facebook and Twitter accounts increasingly difficult in recent days, after several popular VPN (virtual private network) companies have alleged that China’s Great Firewall (GFW)... Read more »

Here’s How You Can Help Preserve The 2,600-Year-Old Buddhist City Of Mes Aynak, Threatened By A Chinese Copper Mine

Mes Aynak 1
Brent Huffman, a documentary maker and professor at Northwestern’s Medill (School of Journalism), is working on a film to bring exposure to the ancient Buddhist city of Mes Aynak in Afghanistan, set to be destroyed by a proposed copper mine. Archaeologists have been working restlessly under dangerous conditions to save all that they can before... Read more »

To Serve People: Global Times Harasses Torture Victim For Winning The German Peace Prize, That Prick

To Serve People
Liao Yiwu won the 2012 Peace Prize of the German Book Trade, causing Global Times columnist Shan Renping to act like a baby, a baby in sore need of being bashed against a tree. The media went balls-to-the wall, calling Liao insane for, perhaps overzealously, shouting at his acceptance speech, saying China was an “ever-expanding garbage dump” and “an inhumane empire with bloody hands” (note: true, but who hasn’t been to a bachelor party like that). At the end, he shouted “the empire must break apart” six times.

Man Atop Cow Delivers Perfect Rendition Of Justin Bieber’s “Baby”

Chinese man riding cow delivers perfect rendition of Bieber's Baby
BJC contributor Alicia found this just now, and it's one of those stunning works of art that makes you want to hug the Internet. It's a man atop a cow singing Justin Bieber's "Baby." The original video, titled "I am legendary, art dream," is the only work that appears under Youku user w451119777’s page. Apparently it was published two months ago and viewed 1,830 times, a relatively small amount for such a heroic effort.

The Worst Story You’ll Read Today: Seven-Month Pregnant Woman Beaten, Forcibly Aborted [UPDATE]

Jianmei abortion
[IMAGE - warning: very graphic, featuring an aborted fetus, laid Godfather-style, next to her injured mother.] This is disgusting, infuriating and frightening all rolled into one. An organization called Women’s Rights Without Frontiers learned from a China-based human rights organization, 64Tianwang (warning: graphic images), that a woman in Shanxi province (Ed’s note: Global Times says it’s Shaanxi) named Feng... Read more »

The Mother Of All Traffic Jams (Warning: It’s Horrifying)

The Mother Of All Traffic Jams featured image
A confluence of factors led to what appears to be at least a two-mile traffic jam in northwest Beijing on Saturday night. (Prepare to gape in horror around the 30-second mark as the camera pans out.) It was raining. It was a long block. It was in Zhongguancun, an incredibly busy part of town known for its electronics stores and colleges. And, most crucially, a traffic light had broken. This is my every nightmare about the city, frightening precisely because I -- and any Beijinger, really -- could easily find myself stuck in that paralyzing morass of postmodernity, equipped with no salve for a spiking blood pressure except heinous imaginings of unspeakable acts to perform on sentient, suffering beings. The abyss gazes back indeed.

Purple Panda Scares Bejesus Out Of Children

Purple panda
At first, the kids at this daycare/kindergarten seem excited about the idea of Purple Panda from PBS Kids' Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. (Purple panda, you should know, is just a purple version of the national symbol of China.) And then, something goes terribly, terribly wrong -- Purple Panda actually shows up. Much crying ensues, because we're dealing with kids, and kids are stupid.

To Serve People: What Exactly Is “Western Media”?

To Serve People
A few may notice a name change for this week’s column. That’s because everything I think about the Chinese media is wrong, and I simply bask in the freedom given to me by the glorious motherland. Anyway, it has been a slim week for Chinese editorials, as they took a break from America bashing, CCP asslicking and Tomb-Sweeping Day banality. Still, we carry on the best we can.