Hot Chick In Guangzhou Neutralizes Blade-Wielding Madwoman With One Swift, Awesome Kick

Hot Guangzhou chick
Quite the scene unfolded in Guangzhou on Saturday night, and we don't mean the Southern Weekly strike. The video from Guangzhou that everyone is watching -- more than 1.3 million views in the seven hours since it was uploaded to Youku -- is the tale of an anonymous bare-legged young lady -- dubbed "Beautiful Leg Heroine" -- who subdued a blade-wielding madwoman with one swift kick.

The Latest In The Southern Weekly Protests In Guangzhou

Southern Weekend protest picture
For the first time in more than 20 years, according to SCMP, a major newspapers’s editorial staff in China has gone on strike to protest government censorship. They were on the streets this afternoon in Guangzhou, outside Southern Weekly’s offices, scattering chrysanthemums and other flowers, periodically chanting for democracy and human rights. It’s been basically peaceful... Read more »

Blogging The Bloggers: There Are Aggregators, And Then There Are These Guys [UPDATE]

Peeping weekly at the best (and worst) that was, is, and will be on the China blogosphere. This unpaid internship at BJC is becoming a tricky business, especially as one now has to negotiate the new raft of advertising taken aboard. I was invited to join Fall of the Third Reich Tours, no doubt with Doyen... Read more »

Journalists Are Threatening Boycotts, Calling For Protests Over Southern Weekly Incident

Go Southern Weekly
It began as a strongly worded letter. When journalists at the Guangdong daily paper Southern Weekly returned to work on Thursday to find a section had been altered by a propagandist — headline changed, article replaced — they published an open letter demanding “an investigation into the incident.” They named names, in particular accusing Guangdong propaganda chief Tuo Zhen of... Read more »

That Didn’t Take Long: Already On Tape, Road Accident Caused By China’s New Yellow Light Rule

Fender bender Beijing featured image
In response to public outcry over a January 1 regulation stipulating that drivers must stop on yellow lights, traffic management authorities have promised to upgrade road signals, according to China Daily: “The pace of signal upgrading will quicken, the traffic management bureau under the Ministry of Public Security said in a statement on Thursday.” But it’s... Read more »

Now Open For Business: Sex Rooms In Wuhan Hospital

Sex ward 1
Are you a panda in human form, unable to conceive not because of physical limitations but due to low libido? A hospital in Wuhan, Hubei province may provide the sexual spark your relationship needs to create that perfect love child. Please turn your attention to the “sex wards” of Songziniao hospital, opened on December 28.

Google Stops Notifying Users In China Who Search Sensitive Terms, And This Is Supposed To Matter Because?

Google don't be evil
Google, the company, has quietly stopped its practice of displaying warning messages to Chinese users who search for sensitive terms on its service. “At the same time, they deleted the help article which explained how to use the feature,” writes “This indicates a new development in the relationship between the Chinese government and Google.”... Read more »

China Says Burmese Bombs Landed In Yunnan, Wants Myanmar To Cut That Shit Out

Burmes bombs featured image
Violence between Burmese government and rebel forces has apparently spilled across the border from northern Kachin to China. Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Hua Chunying said yesterday that three "bombs" from Myanmar landed in Yunnan province, and added -- rather diplomatically -- that Myanmar should probably stop letting bombs land in Yunnan

The Significance Of Today, 2013-01-04

Love you a lifetime
For many of us who observe China’s public holiday system, today’s the first day of work in 2013. But for many others in China – especially romantics – today’s significant for another reason: it’s “Love You a Lifetime” day. It’s not officially recognized anywhere, but today just sounds significant. In Mandarin and Cantonese, 2-0-1-3-1-4 sounds like “爱你一生一世”... Read more »

How Do You Feel About China’s English-Language News? Let People’s Daily Know!

People's Daily survey 2
People’s Daily Online is openly soliciting feedback for China’s English-language newspapers, using language that doesn’t even try to conceal the fact that papers such as China Daily and Global Times might be affiliated with the government. This is the shocking part, of course. Those of us familiar with China know how complicated the media environment... Read more »

Quincy Douby Scores 75 Points, Sets CBA Single-Game Record

Quincy Douby
From the department of jaw-dropping sports accomplishments, Quincy Douby scored 75 points yesterday as his Zhejiang team defeated Shanxi, 154-129. Charles Gaines, playing for the first time without his foreign running mate — CBA leading scorer Marcus Williams, who was recently suspended six months for pot use – scored 60 points and grabbed 29 rebounds in the loss.

Murong Xuecun: Chinese system is “designed to make people stupid, foster mutual hatred, and degrade their ability to think critically”

Murong Xuecun on Foreign Policy
Murong Xuecun, the outspoken Beijing-based writer and anti-censorship champion, calls China an obscurantist system “designed to make people stupid, foster mutual hatred, and degrade their ability to think critically and understand the world” in his latest broadside, penned for Foreign Policy.

To Illustrate New Yellow-Light Regulation, TV Show Airs Traffic Accident Greatest Hits

Traffic accident greatest hits featured image
China recently increased the penalty for running yellow lights: offenders stand to lose fully half of their 12 “points” (if a driver loses all 12, he/she has to go through training and retake a driver’s exam) and must pay up to a 200 yuan fine. Some have interpreted the new regulation, which into effect yesterday,... Read more »

In Jilin Snow, Babes, Bikinis, Boobs, And A Ditty

Jilin bikini girls in snow 1
There was a bikini contest in the open air of Jilin, Jilin province yesterday, organized by Beidahu Ski Resort, featuring 40 Chinese and Russian models in two-piece bikinis, snow boots and skis. The Jilin Tourism Bureau’s deputy party secretary, Meng Liru, said via NetEase that they were promoting the ski resort and Jilin City through... Read more »

“Censorship You Motherfucker Bitch,” Because Seriously, Fuck Censorship

Censorship video featured image
China Digital Times brings us this rap video by Gao Yuan, featuring cosplay, martial arts, and English subtitles… and the line “Go censor your own motherfucker ass.” Via CDT: Artist Gao Yuan has produced a video based on the song “Nunchaku” by Taiwanese singer Zhou Jielun (Jay Chou), rewriting the lyrics to curse government censorship.

New York Times Reporter Chris Buckley Denied Visa Renewal, Forced To Leave China [UPDATE]

NY Times logo
New York Times correspondent Chris Buckley, 45, who has worked in China since September 2000, formerly with Reuters, was denied a visa renewal and is now off the mainland. As NYT reports: “I regret that Chris Buckley has been forced to relocate outside of China despite our repeated requests to renew his journalist visa,” Jill... Read more »