Kang Yi’s Hickey Art Mixes The Rawness Of Human Flesh With Whatever Roasted Chickens Are Supposed To Symbolize

Hickey art with chicken
What do roast chickens and love have in common? Absofuckinglutely nothing. Form and content in art should go hand in hand. However, in Guangzhou-based performance artist Kang Yi’s recent work, nothing seems to fit. He stands on a podium, stripped down to a thong, with three golden-brown, baked birds hanging from his limbs. A girl... Read more »

Blogging The Bloggers: Managing The Chattering Classes

King Tubby
Peeping weekly at the best (and worst) that was, is, and will be on the China blogosphere. The weblogs which concern us here are a mix of vanity press and sociopolitical discussion forums. But first and foremost, they are terrains where weblords attempt to manage and regulate discussion, cross-cultural differences and those rotten anarchic impulses intended to derail thread trajectory. And it goes without saying that different sites attract different digital communities. Throw in market share, monetisation ("Meet Juicyfruit: I love the hip hop and r@b. Design the handbag"), a couple of the seven deadly sins, and it's time to discuss those About and Commenting Rules buttons.

The Anthill: What A Difference A Year Makes

The Anthill
As with dog years, so is it with China years – one here is equivalent to several most places else. They just fit more in. When it comes to pace of change, no-one else holds a candle really. I’ve been out of China for two years. For a dog, that’s ten human years, and you could argue the rate for China is about the same. It’s like leaving London shortly after the millenium and coming back for the Olympics. Recognisable, but look closer and you notice all the new things.

North Korea News Agency Hails Kim Jong-un Winning Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year Online Poll, Doesn’t Realize It’s A Grim, Horrible Joke

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un (R) clap
Here we go again. From the news agency that brought you “Lair of King Tongmyong’s Unicorn Reconfirmed in DPRK,” we now have this: “U.S. Magazine Selects Kim Jong Un as Man of 2012.” Well… yes and no. The Korean Central News Agency may want to look again. Kim Jong-un indeed won recognition from Time Magazine, but... Read more »

Play: Pyongyang Racer, The First Computer Game To Come Out Of North Korea

Koryo Pyongyang Racer
Our friends at Koryo Tours have posted an online game called Pyongyang Racer, which they’re advertising as the “first computer game out of North Korea” (is there any reason to disbelieve it?). Players race around the “city of willows” collecting barrels of fuel and avoiding obstacles such as cars. (True to the Pyongyang I visited last... Read more »

Daily Mail Writes Shamefully Bad China Story

Daily Mail Taiyuan cabbage 1
Bad articles deserve to die a silent, lonely death. Really bad articles, however, deserve to be thrown into the public stocks and ridiculed. This one from Daily Mail belongs with the latter. It begins: Ravaged by hunger and desperate for food, these are the sad pictures which show just how needy families in China are. Oh... Read more »

Here’s Footage Of The Primary-School Attacker That Injured 22 Children In Guangshan

Guangshan knife attack featured image
Surveillance footage has just surfaced of the knife attack in Guangshan county on December 14 that injured 23 22 children (plus one adult). Min Yongjun, said to have been affected by doomsday rumors, burst into a Chenpeng village elementary school on Friday and began indiscriminately hacking and slashing with his kitchen knife. He also stabbed an elderly woman. All of the victims survived.

The End Of The “Nail Grave”: Taiyuan Tomb Scheduled For Removal [UPDATE: 800 Yuan Given In Compensation]

China’s most eye-catching tomb is finally scheduled for removal. First reported in Western media on December 6 by NBC News’s Photo Blog — which sadly didn’t use the term “nail grave,” so now it doesn’t show up on the first page of Google search results — the tomb in Taiyuan, Shanxi province belonged to a... Read more »

The Inspiring Story Of China’s One-Legged Basketball Player

Qu Shitao and bball
Qu Shitao, a student at Donghua University of Science and Technology in Jiangxi province, lost his right leg when he was three years old, but that hasn’t stopped him from playing the sport he loves. When fellow students first saw him hit the outdoor courts, they weren’t sure how to react. Go easy on him, right?... Read more »

Andy Warhol’s Mao Will Not Be Part Of His Traveling Exhibition Coming To China

Andy Warhol - Mao
Twenty-five years after his death, Andy Warhol remains controversial — more so in some parts of the world than others. His largest-ever traveling exhibition is coming to Asia, but during the China leg, his iconic Mao portraits will remain under wraps. As Bloomberg reports: A person familiar with the show, who asked not to be... Read more »

Chengdu Woman Gives Birth On Bus No. 666 On 12-12-12, Is Ridiculously Bad-Ass

Chengdu bus birth screenshot
In the above video posted on Friday, a woman gives birth as you’ve never seen it before (assuming you’ve witnessed childbirth). At the three-and-a-half-minute mark, with her three-year-old son sitting next to her and staring, the woman on the lower-right part of the screen pulls a newborn baby out of her dress, and… what did the... Read more »

Police Detain Mother In Beijing Petitioning For Improved Subway Safety (Because Her Son Was Electrocuted)

Mother detained Beijing subway petitioner 2
Remember, you can do anything in China as long as you don’t subvert the state, anger the wrong people, or — as one subway petitioner found out — “disturb social order.” Meng Zhaohong, whose son was electrocuted at Gulou Station in 2010 when he was a 22-year-old student, has been petitioning for safer subways around... Read more »

Blogging The Bloggers: King Tubby’s Inaugural Column About The China Blogosphere

King Tubby
Peeping weekly at the best (and worst) that was, is, and will be on the China blogosphere. If you were a late arrival to the Sino-English web world and entered via the wrong portals, you probably encountered a toxic mix of serious players, gunslingers with a veneer of academia, trolls, half-wits, cannon fodder and individuals burdened... Read more »

Welcome To The New Beijing Cream [UPDATE]

Default view
UPDATE, 12/18, midnight: We’ve switched things up! Blog view is now the frontpage, and the first panel is the “featured posts.” The “category view” button is what you want to click if you’d like to view by our categories. The sidebars have been changed too, slightly. Much easier to consume the content this way. You... Read more »

Chinese Woman In New Hampshire Tasered At Apple Store

New Hampshire woman tasered
A Chinese national trying to buy iPhones in Nashua, New Hampshire was tasered outside an Apple Store last Friday. A cell phone video shows 44-year-old Li Xiaojie being held to the ground before police knocked her unconscious with tasers. Her 12-year-old daughter was with her. Li was at Pheasant Lane Mall to buy her third and fourth iPhones,... Read more »