When You Gotta Go…

When Nature calls...
Nature: Ring, ring Man: Not now, Nature, I'm in the car. Nature: Ring, ring, bitch. Man: Nature, I said I'm in the goddamn c-- Nature: DON'T YOU DARE SASS ME WHEN I'M RINGING, HOMO ERECTUS, OR HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN WHAT I DID TO YOUR LAST LADY FRIEND? Man, sighs:

Now That’s How To (Not?) Do Advertising: A Fresh (Terrible?) Take On A Classic Sign

A poster on Reddit recently saw the above in a restroom and assumed it was a public service announcement. And why wouldn’t it be? The peeing about as accurate as a Tim Tebow pass, the squatting on the rim of the toilet, the doggy-style whizzing, the blowjob… all worthy of a public reminder: AVOID. Couple wrinkles,... Read more »

Congratulations, Royston Chan. You’ve Just Written The Most Disgusting China Story Of The Year

Oh, where do we begin? With the virgins or the urine? With the eggs or the soaking of said eggs in the urine of virgins? How does a story on Reuters -- written by Royston Chan (broaching poaching topics no one else will) -- that begins like this: It's the end of a school day in the eastern Chinese city of Dongyang, and eager parents collect their children after a hectic day of primary school. Get to here:

The Ladies Of Beijing Cream Talk About Menstruation

Some government departments in China ask its female civil service candidates to write about their menstrual cycle. As China Daily first reported among English media: She said she was told to fill in a form that asked about the date of her first menstruation and her menstrual cycle. “I felt so odd answering those questions. What... Read more »