How Wrong Is It To Use Nude Children In Billboard Advertising? Shenzhen Agency Finds Out

Shenzhen billboard nude children
The Shenzhen ad firm Lanbite Advertising has come under fire recently for an eight-meter-high billboard on the Shenzhen-Hong Kong border that shows four naked children playing in the grass. SCMP has the news: Since the advert first appeared late last month, tens of thousands of commuters passing between Lok Ma Chau and Huanggang in Shenzhen... Read more »

Hangzhou’s Subway Opened On Sunday, And People Are Already Peeing In Its Carriages

On Hangzhou's newly opened subway
Hangzhou’s Subway Line 1 opened on Sunday with a four-day “free subway” campaign. That was a bad idea, it turns out. On the third day, Tuesday, passenger volume reached nearly 70,000 by 5 pm, reports People’s Daily, which ran the above photo (a kid relieving himself in the subway… again) in a story headlined “Uncivilized... Read more »

Moments In Poop History: This Kid On The Guangzhou Subway

When you gotta go...
This is one of those stories that Chinese netizens would probably prefer to keep bottled up within the confines of Chinese social media, considering mainlanders already have a reputation for being shameless when it comes to public defecation. On Saturday, someone posted onto Sina Weibo a picture of a boy pooping on a crowded Guangzhou... Read more »

A Reminder That There Are Better Places To Take A Massive Leak Than In Front Of A Toll Booth Operator And Camera

Leak in front of toll booth
This man on the Hangzhou-Ningbo Highway in Zhejiang province really had to use the bathroom, so he hopped out of his car (presumably) and took a leak right in front of a toll booth. Not sure that’s the best place: all these booths are equipped with surveillance cameras, as we’ve seen before. The operator first says,... Read more »

Within One Minute, This Student Will Fall Through A Bathroom Roof Four Times

Falls through roof four times featured image
We all know shit happens. But when it happens four times? That's a higher power telling you to stop being you. This video is a blast from the past, specifically September 12, 2009 (original Tudou video after the jump for those in China). It's worth sharing now as a reminder that talent and intelligence are important, but nothing is more important than perseverance. When you fall, get back up. When you fall again, get back up again. When you fall yet again, get back up and try again again. When you fall a fourth time... well shit, son, who do we mail your future Darwin Award to?

This Is Officially The Most Nauseating Picture Of A Squat Toilet We’ve Ever Seen

Squat toilet
Southern Metropolis Daily has the story of a baby found in the squat toilet of a Dongguan shoe factory yesterday (that hurt to write). The picture you see above comes from The Nanfang, which tells us: Police immediately began an investigation to locate the child’s mother. Officers from Liaobu Hengkeng Police Station searched the factory’s... Read more »