Highlights From “Brawl On The Wall,” Charity Boxing In Beijing

The haute urban fad that is White Collar Boxing spread to China earlier this year, culminating in bouts that doubled as a black-tie charity event (November 17 in Beijing, December 1 in Shanghai). The highlight video for the Beijing event, “Brawl on the Wall,” was just released to YouTube yesterday. More than 500 people reportedly attended to watch eight fights by amateur boxers who had spent the previous three months training. Proceeds (clarification, 3:05 pm: collected for charity; not all proceeds) went to Leo’s Foundation Beijing, supporting children born with respiratory failure. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

Here’s a full match for those who love boxing. Rupert “New Zealand Lightning” in red vs. Colin “Big Daddy” Dixon in blue, we’re told:

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    1. Kirby

      The proceeds from the charity auction went to Leo’s Foundation Beijing. The RMB 1000 per person cost of attending the event went to covering the costs and enriching the promoters, not the charity.


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