Now That’s How To (Not?) Do Advertising: A Fresh (Terrible?) Take On A Classic Sign

A poster on Reddit recently saw the above in a restroom and assumed it was a public service announcement. And why wouldn’t it be? The peeing about as accurate as a Tim Tebow pass, the squatting on the rim of the toilet, the doggy-style whizzing, the blowjob… all worthy of a public reminder: AVOID.

Couple wrinkles, though. First, the image is not exactly new to the Internet, as you see here and here, with variations on the concept appearing several other places. Second, the above is an ad — which makes it either the worst shanzhai ad (whatever happened to Shutterstock?) or the best (if you’re a marketer keen on ripping someone off, you might as well steal from the Internet’s scat humor department, right?). And what can we say about the fact that the ad is for “No Collateral Loans”? Best to not say anything at all, methinks. After the jump, the translation.


We provide 10 to 500 thousand in no-collateral loans for individuals, civil servants, enterprises and all types of commercial accounts. Quick and convenient, same-day deposit in your account, proper procedures. Just provide your ID number, work certificate, etc. For other collateral loans, second mortgages, cars and other complicated real estate collateral:

Customer hotline: 021-60644770
Mobile: 18616554881 Manager Wu

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