6 Injured In Guangzhou Railway Station Knife Attack [UPDATE]

Guangzhou Railway attack
Six people were injured by knife-wielding attackers around 11:30 am today on the plaza in front of Guangzhou Railway Station. They've been sent to the hospital, but their conditions are unknown. A People's Daily tweet from 12:54 pm claims there were four attackers. State media reports that police fired shots at the attackers, hitting at least one of them.

You Can Buy Barack Obama, Kim Jong-un Chinese ID Cards

Obama Chinese ID card
Here's a great idea for a souvenir. Counterfeit ID cards of world leaders -- Barack Obama, Vladmir Putin, Kim Jung-un, and (of course) Osama Bin Laden (who I suppose doesn't fall into this "world leader" category, but bear with me) -- have recently appeared on the streets of Guangzhou, according to Sina. Counterfeiting, kitsch, and absurdity: a perfect memento of China. Go buy one now, Guangzhou folks.

Guangzhou Subway Attendant Resusciates American With CPR, Earns “Most Beautiful” Label

Guangzhou Subway Attendant Resusciates American With CPR, Earns “Most Beautiful” Label featured image
On the morning of Saturday, February 9, an American named James suddenly collapsed at the Liede station of Guangzhou Metro Line 5. The video of the incident was just made available, which you can watch above. A subway attendant, Zhang Jie, supported James's head while her colleague rubbed his chest. He remained unresponsive for a minute, at which point, while waiting for rescue personnel to arrive, Ms. Zhang began performing CPR. She said he remained unresponsive until after her third attempt, when he let out a breath of air.

China’s Air Rage Claims Another Attendant, This Time In Guangzhou

Air attendant beaten
China’s air travel bubble is bringing out its fair share of violent characters, many with the burning desire to take out their frustration on airport personnel. January saw riots at Kunming’s new Changshui Airport, and a month later, CPPCC delegate Yan Linkun lost his cool. So what’s new in airport violence? See: Guangzhou gate agent in the fetal position.

Police Officer In Guangzhou Drowns While Saving Tourist, Who Blames Himself For The Officer’s Death

Cop rescues tourist Guangzhou Good Samaritan featured image
On March 1, a tourist fell into the Pearl River in Guangzhou while taking pictures. Police officer Zheng Yilong, who happened to be passing by, dove into the water after him and managed to corral him to shore. You can watch part of the dramatic rescue in the video above. But while people pulled the tourist to safety, officer Zheng drifted away from their grasp, and disappeared underwater. His body has yet to be found.

People Are Really Upset About Civilian Use Of Military Vehicles, As Jackie Chan And Young Soldier Discover

Woman's reaction soldier old man military vehicle
Two stories along the same theme here, both from SCMP’s Amy Li. We’ll start with Jackie Chan, who was seen walking toward a black Audi with military license plates. We’re not sure when the picture was taken, but its publication on Sina Weibo has caused the predictable spate of online outrage. “Has our military hired... Read more »