Jackie Chan And Politics: A Match Made In A Heavenly Type Of Hell

Jackie Chan enters politics

Jackie Chan has been appointed as a Hong Kong delegate to the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), according to SCMP. Chan Wing-kee, a standing committee member, said yesterday that Chan’s name was on a list of proposed members.

No one — absolutely no one — should think Chan will do actual politics, as his closet comp appears to be Joe Biden on acid.

Political observer Dr Chung Kim-wah, of Polytechnic University, described Chan’s appointment – yet to be officially announced – as “another political vase” for decoration’s sake.

“I don’t expect there’s anything revolutionary Chan can or will do for Hong Kong in the CPPCC, which is largely a talk shop,” said Chung.

“But for him, it is very good because he can more strongly secure the China market.”

Still, it should be interesting, if only because this means we’ll see MORE JACKIE CHAN. YES PLEASE. The man is two years away, max, from starring in his own reality TV show, and if he could do it as a member of China’s top political advisory body, who wouldn’t watch?

Meanwhile, Chan’s latest movie, CZ12, is tearing it up at the Chinese box office. The movie has a patriotic theme. Of course it does.

Jackie Chan appointed to Beijing’s top advisory body (SCMP)

    4 Responses to “Jackie Chan And Politics: A Match Made In A Heavenly Type Of Hell”

    1. Jonathan Alpart

      That movie was absolutely terrible. People in China hate him right now for all his affairs and the way he treats his staff and crew. Choosing him as an delegate between China and Hong Kong, whose relations are already strained, is a terrible idea.

      But most importantly that movie was really awful. That scene with him going down that mountain road on the body-skate looked incredible in the previews, but it was really, really tame in the actual film. The rest of it was just childish humor, poor acting and storyline and really pinned-on, dollar store patriotism.


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